Chapter 9 Insight

Funny. I split it into two chapters just so I wouldn’t be cramming everything and Chapter 9 still winds up being 15.5k words long. I got everything I wanted in, at least.

This is the last of the action. The rest of the story just smooths out the last of the political thriller, so I hope you enjoyed the remaining fight scenes for what they’re worth. One was inevitably an outright stomp considering Flauros’ weakened state. I tried to make it as interesting as possible, or at least give the other fight scenes a bit more dynamic to compensate.

There’s still more cameos to come, though, since we’re settled back in the real world. More loose ends to tie, because regardless how well the Vigil did it, if I’ve driven anything into your heads with this supplement, it’s that politics are an ass and a half.

As traditional with the supplements, a new servant makes their way to Chaldea. Technically Who We Are broke that with Roman’s sacrifice, but I lop that and Equilibrium together since they’re back to back. This time it’s one of the duplicates who would have just appeared as a memorial essence otherwise. Even if I put my own world rules into play, that doesn’t mean I can’t make loopholes like Fate/ traditionally does. As I said before, though, not everyone will be coming to Chaldea permanently. That doesn’t mean cameos and fair showings for compensation won’t be a thing.

I know some were likely hoping Bazett or Kairi were a master, but I ultimately decided against it for the same reason other masters aren’t getting another chance: They’ve had their story. If you want to see them being a master, you have Apocrypha and Hollow Ataraxia. Is it enough is both subjective and debatable, but they’ve had their showing as a master before. So as an answer for any future inquiries: No, if someone was a master before, they won’t be one this time around. Doesn’t mean they still can’t appear and interact, obviously, but there won’t be a command seal pushing them to do so.

Unofficial Soundtrack (Battle with Flauros)

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