Chapter 10 Insight

This seems like a nice chapter to end on, and it very much could be, but I still have a few final pieces to slide into place for the transition. A nice and steady shift from the underlying tension to the much more lighthearted and promising core of the series faithful fans know well. The Epilogue will ensure that.

Even though accounts with the other two major powers are practically resolved with this chapter, this is still a supplement for Da Vinci. With everything she’s been through, she hasn’t had as much shining moments, so this was the opportunity to weave all of it together properly into a loose idea: Da Vinci as a leader. It addresses the potential shortcomings along with natural, human doubt after everything she’s been through in the past, hellish week.

I thought I’d make it a little more memorable and influential by setting it somewhere that would have extra meaning: Monte Ceceri. If you didn’t know the significance of that place, you should now, at least. I felt there were nice comparisons and parallels to be covered with the little second-half discussion with Pritchard.

Special thanks to Coe-Illium for translating the Italian writing on Da Vinci’s monument!

I tried to ensure the dialogue stayed as natural as possible considering the topics, and hopefully it came out right. I think the ones that toed the line would probably be during the meeting with Barthomeloi, but nailing down her character during diplomacy felt like a tossup. She’s supposed to represent absolute aristocracy and prestige, but at the same time still held a sort of ‘disconnect’ with her current task. AKA, it only has to do with her because of her position as Vice Director. She’s rather not deal with the triviality, but she has to uphold her long-established name.

The negotiations themselves also should have gone smoother than most expected, but that’s also due to the heavy circumstances surrounding the Clock Tower’s current condition. The UN received a lot of collateral, but the Vigil and Chaldea came out of it almost completely unscathed by comparison. They also have servants and a whole lot more sway than the association would like. With them in shambles, this would no longer be a clear-cut case of “Mage’s Association and Yggdmillennia”: They actually have a solid chance of breakaway, but they’re doing it correctly.

The unofficial soundtrack is special this time.

It’s one of the only ones I’ve ever chosen with lyrics, but it holds a little special meaning for the ending. It should definitely fit the final two scenes and their meaning. Many who voraciously play the Civ series should also already know the lyrics to this, and how much they fit the overall feeling of the final parts. Christopher Tin did an amazing job composing again.

Even better? The lyrics were written by Leonardo da Vinci himself, and only adapted Chiara Cortez.

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