Epilogue Insight

SKYS kinda pointed out the story’s ending could double as an ending for the entire series. I guess it could have, but obviously there’s a lot in the plans. It’s funny how the smallest projects turn into longer endeavors than anyone realized.

I placed all the final pegs into the place for everything I have set for Season 4 (which is a metric shit ton) . The Vigil play a major role in keeping Chaldea out of the public’s eye while also addressing concerns that “not enough is being done to help humanity.” Obviously they can’t do everything, but the effort they’ll put in will be significantly more eye opening than most other things. It also frees Chaldea from the horrors of more political turmoil, which, after this supplement, you guys should have learned to hate if you hadn’t already. Politics, even as simple as this, is never fun.

Their influence with Chaldea will extend far into the future with their alliance, and you now know the two major points: Transportation and a small, elite garrison.

There have been a lot of cameos in place, and quite a few familiar faces will be joining the fray. I always enjoy setting up pegs so people can start drawing lines, and there will be a lot of line drawing and interactions to come. As a small recap, here’s all the cameos made alongside the numerous OCs. (Color coded for faction. Light Blue for UN, Red for Mage’s Association)


And, of course, I had to make one final sentimental note just to drive the motivation of moving on, and the reason for doing so. For those who didn’t recognize the coin, it’s a modified version of this Anniversary gacha CE:


Finally, the modified ending that many of you remember if you’re a JP player. I didn’t forget, I just simply moved it and made it a bit more personal to FoC. (Props to ArchadianJudge from reddit for this edit)


It took a while, but it all finally circle back to slice of life. Time to continue doing what the series always revolves around… with significantly more lightheartedness now that the “huge” threat is out of the way. Content for EORs and Lostbelt 2 will be addressed another time.

I hope you all enjoyed the original supplement. It was a pain to craft and address all the important points, but I think I managed to cover the bases fine.

Unofficial Soundtrack:

This works for most of it due to its relaxed nature. There’s an additional song for Scene VIII, but it is being posted separately. This works for the rest.

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