Chapter 4 Insight

Answers galore, Part I! Answers galore Part II will arrive next week. Really, all there really is to talk about for this insight are the tons of reveals, but the chapter explained those thoroughly enough in preparation for next chapter. That one will go further into the big, final reveal at the end.

One of the large overhanging unknowns has finally popped, and I hope a sense of satisfaction and relief washed over you too when Da Vinci’s name was cleared. Maybe a hint of remaining skepticism too. The tension should still be looming in the air because of the mentor’s identity still left in the unknown and the overall scheme still in the dark, but the frayed rope is finally coming together. You should be able to make far more accurate speculations even before next chapter drops (which includes a lot more info on who this new faction is).

Again, as much as people would have probably liked to see it, I wasn’t going to show the Zelretch & Aoko vs. Shadow Columbus fight. My grasp of the two magicians isn’t as strong as I’d like it to be, so to do them justice, it was actually better/preferable for me to leave it to your imaginations. That said, if Aoko’s seemingly fine condition wasn’t any indication, he got his ass handed to him… but much of the Clock Tower got levelled in the process.

Seriously, there’s very little to talk about in regards to the chapter itself. If anything, I could talk more about how annoying juggling this whole mystery has been (not counting career work piling up). I actually found my writing speed slowing down in order to ensure everything was in proper place. I even made notes for SKYS about what to look for, and opinions on how some scenes/reveals felt. It’s my first fully original supplement for the series, so I wanted it to fit the role it’s supposed to.

Timing is probably the worst parts to write about. Making sure all the scenes are lined up correctly and then ensuring the time stamps are correct is a pain. Hopefully my in-scene suspense felt just as heavy as the overall fog in the beginning of the work, but now I don’t have to write through that anymore. Any remaining mystery elements will be saying goodbye next chapter, and the third genre will finally pop into the open. It’ll actually be very blunt and obvious when it gets there.

Psssst, it’s romance. Kidding. It’s definitely not romance, just to narrow it down for you.

Unofficial soundtrack: This piece lends more to scenes 8 and beyond when things start getting a bit tense and nail-biting.

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