Chapter 6 Insight

I felt like battles haven’t been as big lately, but I’ve definitely been aiming to change that with the genre shift. Hopefully these servant battles aren’t too confusing and offer just enough of a taste of what’s to come!

More lore drops, but like I said, I’m trying to space it so it’s not all in your face at the same time and competing with the plot. That’d just be pace breaking. On to the big point though: Task Force Vigilance.

When I was designing the Vigil a year ago, I wanted them to feel unique compared to the other big ‘orders’, so to speak. Chaldea has its servants and magecraft/tech hybrids. The Clock Tower is all about Magecraft, secrecy, and aristocracy. The Church reveres and follows the spiritual path while (mostly) staying away from the taboo (magecraft). So what should the UN’s special branch have?

Easy answer. They’re the fighting arm the United Nations, a worldwide organization that tries to solve the disputed of it over 190-member nations (nearly all I the world). They should exemplify unity at their core, and use technology for the advancement of the non-secret world. However, technology and science isn’t something that can just be accelerated to the point the Vigil has. They achieved it thanks to their first servant, and they didn’t even know it yet:

Thomas Edison. I did consider other servants, but ultimately, he was the best choice for what I needed.

He’s not a powerhouse like the other servants. He’s a famous name, but he doesn’t carry his weight as well in battle compared to older legends. What he lacks in mystery, he makes up for in his ability to improve. For a military organization based around regular weapons, he’s the greatest addition they could have ever gotten. If he could modernize the (somewhat wonky) 1790’s era tech and make robots, what can he do with a modern available tech? Spoilers: A metric fuck ton.

Fun fact: Every technology shown in this chapter and beyond, save for probably one, has roots in experimental and/or less-well-known advancements in reality. These are all things Edison could have improved to a greater level and beyond. Keep that in mind for the fireworks show coming next week!

Unofficial soundtrack: 

First action scenes

Scene VII and beyond. Can work for the tail end of Scene VI too.

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