Chapter 7 Insight

For those unaware, I gave a light introduction into the aggravation that is the Rules of Engagement. Modern warfare follows sets of rules and regulations these days. While they serve an honest purpose, there are also times they’re barricades that put things in jeopardy. It makes for a perfect addition for a Political Thriller with some Military Thriller flair. As I said, though, I gave a light cruise into it rather than the full-blown smorgasbord, but it should have remained a bit frustrating to sit through.

All the chess pieces are now in place for the final confrontation (which pretty much already started), where some of the final connections will be made. Plenty of information should be available for you to likely speculate and piece together the entire “how did this all happen”, but the last entries should cement those fine.

The supplement may be an entry longer than intended, but I’m trying not to rush anything. I want everything to fall into place accordingly because this is the transitional piece. It’s blending world building into a story so that moving into Season four will be fluid.

Went with a basic name for the Operation. Nothing too fancy or crazy. Operation New Dawn gets the message across fairly well. I just decided not to get too creative, unless I accidentally wind up with an operation as terribly named as “Operation Grizzly Forced Entry.” (Yes. That was an actual operation. I shit you not.)

Fun final fact: As I said before, nearly all of the Vigil’s technology is just upgraded versions of what technology is already available. That definitely includes the airplane/ship the cruise ship saw and the modified aircraft that took down the ICBM. The ICBM is also very much real. The funny part? It’s actually outdated, which is why it was a “bit” more feasible to steal (For a heavily guarded, road-mobile ICBM anyway). I’ll provide the links so you can think about what else lurks hidden away in the countrysides.

Russian RT-2PM2 Topol-M (Nato Designated SS-27 Sickle B)

YAL-1 Airborne Laser (Vigil AMLD Platform)

Russian Lun-Class Ekranoplan (Vigil EMP Equipped GEV)

Unofficial Soundtrack:

Suspenseful buildup throughout the first part:

This one best starts at the very end of Scene IX:

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