Fragment 56 Insight

The hardest part about writing a fragment about Medb is trying to make sure it doesn’t turn out to be 110% sexual content. That’s a tall order already, but I managed by exploring the other facets of her that are interesting. She’s a domineering servant who has no inhibitors on her emotions or wants. For her to fit into Chaldea would mean those subdued desires would still need to be fulfilled in some manner, and there needed to be a close anchor (or multiple) who make her content with her accommodations.

Going with that, I designed the fragment around the classic guideline of “a day in the life”, except it touches upon meeting her requirements. If Fergus can handle the relationship part perfectly, than Gabrielle can more than compliment her unknown need for friendship. The rest would fall into place simply thanks to Chaldea’s overall design and wide amounts of activities.

Medb and Fergus’ relationship would actually be the most interesting to me. It’s hardly traditional by the modern sense, but it’s almost “a dream” for many since it’s styled after an open relationship. Both are allowed to sleep with whoever they want with no repercussions. At the end of the day, Medb and Fergus are still in love with each other and find no one better suited as a lover.

If anyone in Chaldea is capable of making the difficult “Open Relationship Key” obtainable, it was them. It also makes things kinda funny considering how many lighthearted “swinger” possibilities that can open up later. Again, another possible key to open a door should it have potential.

The absolute friendship with Gabrielle is something that made many readers curious. Medb loves domination and owning everyone, yet she was clearly depicted as being very friendly with Gabrielle. I hope this entry now answered that curious depiction first shown back in Helena’s fragment. The two are rather alike, with only a few key differences keeping Gabrielle from turning into Medb (namely guilt for being overbearing on others). Besides Shuten and Kuro, if anyone could serve as a good gal pal for Medb, it’d be the ever-excitable Gabrielle.

If one noticed the curious design, the beginning actually mirrors Scathach’s fragment. It’s supposed to act as a sort of callback to depict the similarities and differences since both of the Ulster legends are extremely close to the female master. Looking at them back to back should show you an amusing difference.

I also gave a small showcase that despite being so close to Gabrielle, both Medb and Scathach still don’t see eye to eye very often. I just wanted to assure it looked more like an Edison and Tesla bickering rather than a hostile rivalry like it was with Gawain and Lancelot in Season 1. Scathach’s and Medb’s materials did showcase it was more of an exasperated and irritating bond if anything, so I went with it. Poor Gabrielle gets to be caught in the middle.

Next week: She was ashamed. How could she let it get to this point!? There was temptation around her everywhere and she was succumbing to it! No! She had a path to follow, and she had to remain strong… but Chaldea was making it too difficult!

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