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Fragment 47 Insight

The irony about releasing this Fragment was that I pulled a very late night to fix my sleep schedule… Pre-Work-Trip excitement sucks. Iskander seems to have this accidental knack for being part of the last fragment before a supplement. It’s not intentional, since this… Continue Reading “Fragment 47 Insight”

Fragment 27 Insight

And suddenly lilies everywhere. I considered giving all of them their own personal fragments with spotlights back in November, but the idea to make Christmas for the children pushed for this one over any. They’re all temporary, with some lasting longer than others, but… Continue Reading “Fragment 27 Insight”

Fragment 23 Insight

If you couldn’t guess, I kinda got the idea from the movie with the same name. Kinda. Ozymandias is an interesting character to work with, especially after receiving a Memorial Essence from Camelot. So I tried to find an interesting way to figure out… Continue Reading “Fragment 23 Insight”

Fragment 4 (Post-Upgrade) Insight

Ah. Drake. One of the strongest servants in the game, and one that continually haunts my gacha rolls regardless of who is the rate up. The initial fragment was mostly about her trying to peer-pressure Mashu into her first drink, so it was easy… Continue Reading “Fragment 4 (Post-Upgrade) Insight”