Fragment 81 Insight

I honestly had to get a few opinions and show others this fragment ahead of time just to make sure I got a bunch of otaku and anime/game references right. Yes, yes, believe it or not, I have almost no clue what I’m doing when it comes to weeb culture. All things considered, I’m still practically an outsider and far more of a normie. Fate was merely one of the extremely few exceptions that caught my attention, and not something I honestly regret, clearly.

That said, if it felt a little cringey at time, great. I hit the nail on the head. Blackbeard’s whole shtick does honestly annoy me, and I made some efforts to curb it earlier in the series in favor of bringing out more of the fearsome pirate. Then Osakabehime got released, and I thought it’d actually be a kind of funny twist for him to just be dialing it back until she arrives, only for it to explode again. Being in the real world with proper access to that culture would also likely respark his will to shamelessly indulge, so I pulled the trigger to bring him back the full elements of Neetbeard you all know from the game.

That said, I had to make sure the reasoning was balanced when it came time for Anishka’s little talk. I wanted Blackbeard’s speech to still resound clearly and perfectly, rather than be hypocritical. I think it turned out fine, and was even maybe a small pep talk for some readers out there. It applies to everything: Be you, because some dipstick is going to hate you anyway for blanket prejudices and stereotypes. (Mandatory disclaimer that this is not an encouragement to go do unethical, illegal, or immoral stuff. Duh.)

I wanted to delve a little more on the motivation for why he just does what he wants to: A pirate’s view on freedom and liberty. Essentially doing what they wanted. Fairly straightforward examples and reasoning throughout the whole fragment.

In particular, I wanted to draw some light on his fascination with Drake. I also made sure it was openly acknowledged to, but also done in a way between them that made sense. Again, straightforward and the fragment explained it, but above all else, he’s honest, if not blunt and even definitively obsessive. With Drake’s ideals and morals, it could even be seen as flattery in a twisted sense. But then again, what about Blackbeard isn’t twisted?

So as usual, same general spiel when it comes to an unfamiliar/unpopular character: Try to paint and develop them with what’s provided to see if I can’t make them more dynamic for an already sprawling world. Thankfully, Blackbeard was already unique enough. I just had to triple down on a few things.

Teaser: Her actions were routine. For others, it was difficult to understand, but to her, it was paramount. Proper treatment was necessary for the highest probability of a successful recovery without lingering complications. They could say her methods are forceful and borderline unethical, but she always pursued the best from the bottom of her heart. For the sake of happiness, for themselves and others, she would do what was necessary.

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