Fragment 66 Insight

Following the newly transitioned trend, another light-hearted fragment arrives! Nothing crazy or hectic to discover. All straightforward and obvious, and a touch fluffy.

Boudica’s fragment did have the potential for drama considered her grudge with the Romans, but I decided not to go with it. As one of Chaldea’s earliest servants, she has the highest chance of ‘mellowing out’ compared to most especially when given her positive attitude. Her issue with the Romans has also been pretty much addressed throughout several fragments, so I decided to just give it a minor scene at this point. Just shows where she’s at and how far she’s come.

Angra Mainyu lead the charge, but now more servants get to appear again. Boudica made one of the more ideal servants to introduce two (child and mother) so she earned a free bump based on some story placement. She was also a great option to showcase a variety of other servants because she is a rather nurturing individual herself. Nothing too in depth most of the time, but just enough to show how involved she is with so many.

The knitting group hasn’t had very many long interactions ever since Naomi’s fragment, but that was a matter of ‘ideal placement’ for servants. They’ve had plenty of scenes, but I hope these additions helped showcase just how close they are.

The knights’ scene was another I wanted to add since Boudica is close to ‘British Heroes’, but I wanted to change things up a bit. I gave the girl readers a bit of a fanservice-styled setting this time around considering the flirty knights’ occasional antics. Boudica just happened to be the lucky and always involved one to walk in and receive special treatment. It also gave me the opportunity to shed light on another well known but less than savory revelation.

Otherwise, what else is there to say about all this? It’s clear-cut and fluffy with hints sprinkled about as usual.

Teaser: There was little to compare to the thrill of battle, or the satisfaction of fighting a serious opponent. However, Chaldea had opened their eyes to much more than just seeking the occasional fight with a worthy opponent. Who knew their precision could have founded such an unusual hobby for them?

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