Fragment 77 Insight

If you weren’t expecting at least one “Wassup my homies”, I don’t know what to tell you.

The tricky part about Marie is that she can essentially get along well with almost anyone, so the potential to show everyone was high. I managed to make a blend of sorts. I narrowed it down to the most important and obvious ones while also adding some more pieces to advance the unseen (or seen) sub plots. It was a dance of sorts, but through all of it, I made sure, as usual, it was all tied to the spotlight servant in some way. Marie just made it very easy, because her own basis is that she loves seeing people happy.

That plus the gossip made it easy to weave. I’ve long since established Marie can be quite scandalous in FoC, but this fragment allowed me to show it isn’t necessarily intentional. Just like her original life, scandal just happens to follow her actions, even if she means well in the end. A small parallel, both sad and true, but a reminder that at least her ‘scandals’ in Chaldea are more amusing and adorable than what her life offered. At least here it’s not causing a revolution.

As I said before, I don’t really add new OCs unless they’re necessary or bring something very unique to the table. In this case, it was also heavily influenced by RenRider, who used her request token to wish for a specific OC. Though I could turn the token down and suggest it be used for something else, I saw an opportunity with what she presented, but she needed a niche no other had. What perfect niche to introduce to Chaldea, and through Marie’s fragment, than a mother with an infant? More about her will be revealed later over time as was done with other major OCs.

It also gave me a great change to bring out Marie’s soft spot for babies (for obvious reasons). Nightingale too for that matter, since I thought it’d make a heartwarming touch that she’d be so gentle when it came to the tiniest patients, and then ferocious with everyone else. Like in her mind, she knows that she must give proper treatment.

I also laid down the ground rules on servant vacations just so that we’re not always out of Chaldea (and it doesn’t look like a ghost town). All about balance, and the little rotation / vacation-day-saving should do wonders to help that. Add to the fact Chaldea is expanding a lot and… yea, there’s a lot of world building early this season. It’s unfortunate that things are also a bit busier for me so I can’t keep up the usual schedule either.

Teaser: The battle to save mankind was a momentous event, but it held far more meaning and difficulty for some than others. For him, it raised yet another question, and formed a new doubt in his mind on what isn’t and what could be. He was once so solidified in his belief, yet now, after all he’d witness, he wasn’t too sure how he was going to continue… He only knew his heart still yearned to truly save humanity from itself, one way or another.

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