Fragment 48 Insight

Feels good to be back to Slice of Life. But before we fully seat ourselves in the true presence, there was one more elephant in the room to address. Due to the focus being on Gilgamesh, Medusa was left out, so it was only fair to address her situation.

Medusa’s hidden concern, combined with Ana’s own emotions during her memories, is one hell of a powder keg. Thus, this Fragment was going to lean towards the angsty side. She’s been through a lot, and after facing herself she’s going to have a lot of questions, concerns and fears. Add to the fact Ana turned into Gorgon, and you have a rationalized fear.

I used this point to help convey that certain things can’t happen with memorial essences. I also took the time to explain Ana’s situation regarding what happened. Whether truly canonical or not, it fit the chosen narrative well. It also provided a good opportunity to introduce the idea Merlin can just come and go as he pleases with that little Independent Manifestation skill of his. Quite the handy little thing.

Though I showed proper concern and worry from her friends, including an unheard criticizing rant from Hans, there were only two people who could feasibly shake sense back into her. Thus, the emotional scene with the three sisters, and later their additional, protective berserker. I used that opportunity to introduce their new begrudging viewpoint on beauty, considering the modern belief has shifted compared to theirs. It helps to reduce Medusa’s personal complex through the revelation they’re also jealous of her in ways.

As a small note, yes, the older sisters are usually berating and teasing of their youngest, but it should be noted they do still love her. After many more months in Chaldea after the tragic end, I have no doubt they would have allowed themselves to be kinder to her… in private at first. This is merely the tipping point where they realize she can’t just handle everything on her own like she used to. This time, it’s their turn to help take care of her in a way only they can provide: real family.

Fairly straightforward fragment that helps show Medusa’s first steps to actually pursuing her interests earnestly. It’s no longer just doing it enough to find satisfaction and contentment, but to make her happy, both for herself and her sisters. If she’s happy, they’re happy. Vice versa also works. What you’re left with is a simple formula that makes Medusa accept the appreciation and her own newfound pursuit of a joyous life.

Time for Fragment 49′s hint!

Next week we have a Smörgåsbord of interactions and moods all tied together around one central theme: You see a lot of interesting things as a bartender.

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