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Chapter 9 Insight

Arturia just can’t seem to catch a break, can she? To be fair though, this time she handled it much better and didn’t let it get to her. She’s getting much better at letting their words influence her in a positive direction, namely to… Continue Reading “Chapter 9 Insight”

Chapter 8 Insight

Getting surrounded by children is usually a quick way to have all your thoughts thrown into disarray. It’s almost as effective as being buried in a puddle of kittens/puppies. Gabrielle could have certainly used it as well. So why does one of Grand Order’s… Continue Reading “Chapter 8 Insight”

Chapter 7 Insight

An author shouldn’t really have to justify their decisions for a story in progress, but I know some people are going to ask so let’s cut right to the point. I killed off Sir Tristan rather swiftly, and with what appeared to be a… Continue Reading “Chapter 7 Insight”

Chapter 6 Insight

If you’re wondering why chapter titles don’t exist like in Fragments… I was actually going to place all the chapter names when the story was finished. That’s all. Some people may call foul about Hassan being too trusting after only two days in the… Continue Reading “Chapter 6 Insight”

Chapter 5 Insight

The real plot changes are starting to show up now. The Lion King is now aware Chaldea is operating against them. Lancelot’s troops got spanked. Da Vinci didn’t use the Orinthopter as a bomb truck. Things are now starting to look different. It had… Continue Reading “Chapter 5 Insight”

Chapter 4 Insight

So everything’s finally out in the open and Arturia and her knights realize they’re fighting a nightmare scenario: Themselves with a lack of serious morals. I don’t really have much to say since the entire battle scene is chaotic, and I hope I portrayed… Continue Reading “Chapter 4 Insight”

Chapter 3 Insight

Well that’s a twist. I suddenly pulled the knights a little closer together? And right before they reach the gate too. Tis’ a shame, really. The fic is trailing along relatively slowly in my opinion. Mixing the game’s canon with the original scenes really… Continue Reading “Chapter 3 Insight”

Chapter 2 Insight

Ozymandias is prideful and often very unpredictable as stated in the actual Act of Camelot, but in this case he actually prevented his own temper tantrum simply by imagining what might happen to Gudao’s group when they find out the truth of the singularity.… Continue Reading “Chapter 2 Insight”

Chapter 1 Insight

Not much to say honestly. It was relatively the same as Act I with some minor differences of course. I decreased the number of initial Hassans to make them look more formidable at infiltration (since they required less) and double the amount of Sphinxes… Continue Reading “Chapter 1 Insight”

Prologue Insight

Story Image Source: Artist has since removed it. So it finally begins. This used to be Fragment 22, obviously to be replaced by a new one, and has since grown… tremendously. I tried to keep it contained but it wound up being its own full-fledged… Continue Reading “Prologue Insight”