Chapter 2 Insight

Ozymandias is prideful and often very unpredictable as stated in the actual Act of Camelot, but in this case he actually prevented his own temper tantrum simply by imagining what might happen to Gudao’s group when they find out the truth of the singularity. Nothing like pampering up the guests to lower their guard a bit so the impact of the truth hits much harder. 

He honestly came off as very generous this chapter, but when Chaldea has been taking care of a counterpart of you, you’d be pretty happy to give some gifts yourself for your ‘subjects’. Ozymandias loves his subjects after all.

The entire Chapter of Grand Order often referred to the Sun King’s territory and area of control. While this was likely just the BC era desert and his area denial to the other factions, I decided to give him something to protect as well. Having a town complex constructed underneath his temple (forming an actual base/town of sorts) was a concept I decided to try in order to make the world a little more lively. It doesn’t need the full fleshing of Camelot to do its job however.

The Orinthopter Sphinx Da Vinci made in the game was considered a buggy… And I’m not squeezing 13 servants plus the masters and Fou into a buggy. So I made it a truck. Not much of a difference honestly but it did take a little more time to construct.

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