Chapter 1 Insight

Not much to say honestly. It was relatively the same as Act I with some minor differences of course. I decreased the number of initial Hassans to make them look more formidable at infiltration (since they required less) and double the amount of Sphinxes Bedivere single-handedly dispatched. Shortened scenes, changed perspectives, etc.

Set more bricks, further the small interactions, etc. Chapter 2 starts getting into the servant interactions now that the usual chaos of singularity landing is over.

The duplicates are practically solved by adding “Sir” to the Lion King Knights. Quick and easy fix for the reader’s sanity.

The hard part is getting the action to flow well with too many servants. This chapter sets the benchmark for how it works out for the most part, but thankfully there will be much more battles involving less servants later. I can’t say too much obviously.

Next chapter with everyone’s favorite Dio- I mean Pharaoh!

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