Chapter 3 Insight

Well that’s a twist. I suddenly pulled the knights a little closer together? And right before they reach the gate too. Tis’ a shame, really.

The fic is trailing along relatively slowly in my opinion. Mixing the game’s canon with the original scenes really does a number on word count, but thankfully we’re past Camelot’s standard world building and into the actual interesting part starting next chapter. Finally… action and serious drama.

We’ve been going relatively on-track with the canon story, though the changes are starting to be more noticeable. Thanks to the additional break and the lorry taking a little longer to be built, the strike force missed Tristan. Some might be expecting this to be a total difference like in Unlimited Blade Works compared to Haven’s Feel, but I want to remind everyone about my lined opener about timelines and differences located in the prologue: There will be differences, both subtle and great, but ultimately the singularity has the same end goal in order to be completed.

Jeanne pulling that exorcism stuff like she did in Apocrypha. I honestly did find that a tad strange the saint can do exorcisms but figure that’s part of the tale-spinning when you become so famous as a religious figure. The prayer itself I copy/pasta’d from parts of a Rite of Exorcism and slightly modified.

There’s probably been a noticeable lack of serious Arturia interaction compared to her knights. That changes dramatically next chapter. November 21st, same time.

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