Prologue Insight

Story Image Source: Artist has since removed it.

So it finally begins. This used to be Fragment 22, obviously to be replaced by a new one, and has since grown… tremendously. I tried to keep it contained but it wound up being its own full-fledged story since it just wound up being terribly jarring and nonsensical if I didn’t.

Fragments of Chaldea will not be updated while this is going on as a reminder. There will be an increased upload speed to get through this story to make up for it, and plenty of surprises along the way. As readers of the collection know, waiting is often rewarded.

As evidenced by just the prologue, the story is different from the original story already yet it still feels roughly the same. This will be the general feel of the entire story: Not a perfect re-telling by far, and plenty of additional scenes that don’t stray too far from the original course. The opening lines are very revealing to this notion.

That said, if you like emotional roller coasters and imaginative action… brace for both. Arturia and her knights are in for one hell of a ride, and in my opinion, the ride they desperately needed.

P.S. – Yes, I am aware that Gawain’s my room line with Lancelot declares he had already forgiven him. Obviously that’s different here, which is partially OOC in that regard, but it was roughly explained in Fragment 20.

(Music Video was taken down. Will search for a replacement in time.)

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