Chapter 6 Insight

If you’re wondering why chapter titles don’t exist like in Fragments… I was actually going to place all the chapter names when the story was finished. That’s all.

Some people may call foul about Hassan being too trusting after only two days in the village where it took seven in the game. I’d like to remind you that only Bedivere and Mashu were present in the original. There is nearly nine times that amount, which is considerably more manpower and influential considering these are all servants. That’d definitely turn swing opinions for a two lone servants defending a village.

At least the team helped Arturia get herself back together relatively quick. You’ll have to see how well that holds up in the near future.

And of course, things are now looking different from the story. Hundred Face is visiting the Eastern Village? There’s a new southern village requesting aid? Sir Mordred is stuck in the castle? At least Arash still stuck to his support beam/plane trick.

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