Chapter 4 Insight

So everything’s finally out in the open and Arturia and her knights realize they’re fighting a nightmare scenario: Themselves with a lack of serious morals.

I don’t really have much to say since the entire battle scene is chaotic, and I hope I portrayed it that way. I did have an issue with Da Vinci just using a flash-bang to get away from the Sir Gawain fight… So I made it far more interesting and reasonable. I also made it more so he has the “invincibility” thing going for him rather than the noble phantasm spam he could pull; That’s more Sir Mordred’s thing in the chapter.

This is where things get noticeably different, but as stated in the prologue, only just enough so it’s not a 100% retelling; It pretty much has to end the same way as the canon chapter after all. But with all the commotion the Chaldean group has just caused, Gawain won’t be able to feasibly hide the knowledge the Chaldean Master had a part in it… 

That said, the masters take action themselves. Classic gandr shots to help counter arrows, and also a re-imagining of how the Order Change ability from the battle suit can fit different combat situations. 

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