Chapter 5 Insight

The real plot changes are starting to show up now. The Lion King is now aware Chaldea is operating against them. Lancelot’s troops got spanked. Da Vinci didn’t use the Orinthopter as a bomb truck. Things are now starting to look different.

It had to happen eventually. Practically all the clues were on the table and several of the servants had realized it already. Whether Arturia truly was in denial will be revealed next chapter, though the presented evidence I gave this chapter should be ambiguous enough for it to go either way for you.

Emiya still not being as snarky or cynical as he usually is, but that’ll change later. Don’t forget he’s also devoted and protective when push comes to shove. It’s clear he’s keeping that promise to Rin in mind, but GARcher will always show his favorite colors when a battle starts… The gate didn’t really count since it was Gawain focused and an obvious massacre/mess.

Bedivere revealed to the crew finally, and already trying to be nice to the other knights. I can’t have all the knights at each other’s throats if we’re to make any progress at all in this fic. Though it is liked sometimes. How many actually thought “hell yea” when Mordred punched Gawain in the face, starting a fight.

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