Fragment 35 Insight

Yes. While I did hope this would be a catalyst to re-summon the Guda Guda event, it came earlier than anticipated. I hardly mind, since Okita’s fragment was planned for this point anyway.

With all the mounting tension, which I’ve still been throwing in, it was only right to finally introduce the small Security Department’s quarters and their newfound purpose. They had no real organization besides the employees and robots that worked there. There’s not much peacekeeping to really do in Chaldea, save for what the servants must handle now. Scathach, as powerful as she is, also wasn’t my first pick as head peacekeeper, but she fit the role adequately.

My real first pick had always been Okita, but since the CDF only just formed now, she had nothing to do until then. It went off her line about not knowing what to do in Chaldea. She’s been sparring, meditating in the Sanctuary, spending time with friends, and making sure Nobunaga doesn’t get too crazy. It was about time she finally found her role, and what better one than as Captain of another police force like she was in real life.

The number of servants volunteered is a rough one. Plenty would have their reasons to assist, especially with how lax the outfit winds up being. There’s still far more servants not helping out, but that’s alright. Not everyone is trying to gut another servant, so there only needs to be a sizeable force at any given time. Flexibility is key, and Okita obviously has all of this in mind when doing her organizing and planning.

I addressed her shortcomings while establishing the CDF’s new organization, but I also wanted to spotlight a hidden facet of her friendship with Nobunaga. They’re rivals, but also best friends of sorts. I wanted to show that she had exclusive rights with Nobunaga that no one else had. She would know things first, and would get a flat scolding out of her almost immediately just on the archer’s quick observations. It’s their unique way of showing their bond.

Ever since researching Helena and reading of her little flying familiar months ago, I knew I found the ticket to getting the chibi Nobus into Chaldea. While it’s fun in the event to hunt them for blood trade (That reddit topic was funny), I thought it’d be much more fitting in a slice of life to simply include them in Chaldea. There had to be a way, and if Helena could summon man, essentially chibi, Colonel Olcotts, then the only thing stopping her from gifting Nobunaga with her own is a reason. What better than an attempt to curb her pranking?

Too bad they just had to use up some of the ascension mats… at least it evened out, right?

Double Fragment week is over. Next week we go back to featuring another bronze servant! Tune in next time to figure out what exactly Kiyohime’s first plan of vengeance is, and what this servant has to do with it!

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