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Fragment 25 Insight

Back to the romance genre for a fragment, since these two had more than the necessary dynamic for it. I still consider it my weakest genre, which I will still use sparingly, but for the sake of diversity I have no issue writing it.… Continue Reading “Fragment 25 Insight”

Fragment 22 Insight

A Gilles fragment? Damn you Gacha! An unusual choice for a return to Fragments, but Gilles serves as a relatively good transition. His duality of mind as a saber is a very interesting facet to work with. I understand some people are pretty off-put… Continue Reading “Fragment 22 Insight”

Fragment 7 (Post-Upgrade) Insight

I was particularly proud of this fragment when it first came out. I read Altera‚Äôs background and wanted her to find a reason to be part of Chaldea, so I decided to try something ironic by placing her with the Romans. Caesar was going… Continue Reading “Fragment 7 (Post-Upgrade) Insight”