Fragment 10 Insight (Revisited)

This was the first fragment to directly follow another in terms of themes, design, or subplot/arc. Whereas most early fragments were revised or tweaked to include more interlacing, this one remained roughly the same in that regard. Season 1 can be seen as laying the initial groundwork with a lot of world building to set the stage for everything to come. Seasons 2 and beyond added far more interlaced subplots, arcs, and designs mostly because of everything Season 1 helped set.

With the revisions, I wanted Season 1 to feel more like the rest of the story’s current standard. Thankfully this one just needed a few more additions and some subtle tweaks. Medea’s interaction with Arturia was better characterized, the scene with Lancelot had a lot more introspection/exposition, and I even included a nice cozy scene for Irisviel. Despite all the added stuff, I did want to keep the overall mood as a ‘reliever’ for what happened in the last fragment.

So following the episode of MHX, I let you see Arturia’s take on far more things, along with getting more gifts. Foundation bricks to be used later begin to appear far more frequently starting here. Back then, I also wanted it to be a subtle upswing even if I wasn’t too sure what the next fragment was going to be like; It was that much of a random attack back then.

Everything thankfully still fell into place. It falls better now that everything was tweaked more to my liking and consistency is levelled across the board. Season 1 still remains somewhat unsatisfying to me, but it’s best I leave it there before I inadvertently break it further. Otherwise little calm gems like Arturia’s fragment will take the hit.

As one final note, her fragment is also the last time a servant will get to star in both a fragment and a supplement (Like Mordred), but that was more a fault of how not-seriously I was taking all this back then.

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