Fragment 21 Insight (Revisited)

I had to fix the viewpoint of this fragment heavily because it was split evenly between Mordred and Iskandar. The latter still gets a tiny few perspective shifts, but they were by necessity as final paving stones for the supplement.

The intent of this fragment was to show multiple sides for Mordred. First and foremost, she has her memories from Apocrypha, which includes that final conclusion she came to when spending her last moments with Kairi. That viewpoint goes a long way to shifting how she acts, but I made sure she wasn’t entirely off base with her lingering frustrations and angers. In the end, even if she realizes what is, she’s still a childish and rough servant.

At the same time, she’s arguably a child at heart. Emotions can get to her, but heaven be damned if she shows it to anyone. That doesn’t mean it can’t slip out if the right servant is present. To me, I always thought her and Iskandar would get along strangely on some level. He also had a lot of possible insight to offer since he fought against Arturia, which included that tense reveal over how he viewed her. All of it made for great setup for things to come.

Save for the usual grammar corrections and refinements, only the perspective needed to be fixed. Nearly every part of the fragment remained intact, which was a far cry from the state of the following supplement. Nevertheless, it served as a great launch point.

Which brings up one last point: I was initially very hesitant on actually doing a supplement. I realized something big needed to be done in order to shift viewpoints and develop characters (and their relations), but I was concerned about purposefully redirecting others towards a related work in order to get the full story. It wound up working out well in the end, even if the supplements were discontinued completely after the fourth one.

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