Fragment 45 Insight

Very few could cut the que line, but Arthur had enough links compatibility to make a better fit in this section. This fragment was originally going to be Gawain’s, but I felt he had a lot of show time and development in Their Guiding Light. He’ll have guaranteed scenes next chapter to make up for it, however.

So, we raised the issue earlier with having two of the same servant, but Arthur is able to break the restrictions. As indicated earlier through questions asked, Arthur would not count as a memorial essence because he lived a fairly different life from Arturia in another timeline. There’s a big difference from being a male and pretending to be one, after all, especially when they demeanor and personality are remarkably different at an un-influenced core.

Arthur is already far less rigid than Arturia was when she was summoned. He’s been seen as open and even sometimes teasing. With that in mind, his emotional range was already significantly bigger, so I concentrated on him getting acquainted with those who were hoping he’d arrive, and those he’d run into conflict with.

Not conflict in the aggressive sense, but in terms of recognition and acknowledgement. This isn’t like Joan and Jeanne, where they’re polar opposites. Arturia (at this point in FoC) and Arthur are fairly close in nature. I decided to go with the tried and true family approach. Arthur is no substitute for Kay, but he could certainly act like a concerning big brother since he bristles with chivalry. Add the fact his counterpart could easily pass as his little sister, and the key fits rather nicely.

I was initially going to make a bigger show of pointing out how Arturia/Girlin and Merlin/Arthur share voice actors, but I decided not to. I simply made a one line tease and that was all that was really necessary.

I made the banquet with the Prototype group a tad shorter, but kept the impression it was going very well. For those confused about what happened as the first forms of dinner entertainment, the Medjeb chasing the Sphinx was a Pac Man reference, and the mummies were doing Michael Jackson’s classic Thriller Dance. Who says you can’t get creative?

I gave a top of the hat to Ayaka because of the Bond 10 card for Arthur. The translation for the card has a lot of meaning in it, so I thought it was only right something in Chaldea would spark that interest as well.

I felt there wasn’t enough inclusion of just the masters bonding with a servant, so I slipped in a scene of that for Arthur. He could likely use it to reaffirm his position that not all master’s are bad… or at least, Manaka levels of bad. It also allowed me to drop some other information in regards to master background, which I do on occasion.

Next week, I finally bring the Mordred/Jekyll thing to its conclusion. But who is going to be the one to break the rules of courtesy to help them?

The dance the mummies were doing:

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