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Fragment 57 Insight

I did quite a bit of researching on this one just to refresh my mind on the differences between different sects Buddhism, mainly Indian and Chinese. Doing so helped me find the proper way to give Xuanzang one of her typical overreactions, but in… Continue Reading “Fragment 57 Insight”

Fragment 43 Insight

Marie’s Salon Team hasn’t had much insight into their inner relations, so I aimed to fix that by following one of the members. I chose Mozart because of the uplifting potential he had with a musical based fragment. The scenes of the salon group… Continue Reading “Fragment 43 Insight”

Fragment 42 Insight

This Fragment shares a lot of similarities with the Hans one, simply based on the inclusion of a rather large fighting event. The difference is, the mood of the casters actually reflects in the style of the fights. Hans’ more critical viewpoint made his… Continue Reading “Fragment 42 Insight”

Fragment 36 Insight

Hans was slightly trickier than most. It could have wound up overwhelmingly abrasive and analytical, but I decided against that. Everyone knows that side of Hans, but what about the one even he denies? He knows himself inside and out, and yet he still… Continue Reading “Fragment 36 Insight”

Fragment 24 Insight

Oh? The wound was healing and I poured salt in it? But we play Fate/Grand Order. We’re only filled with salt! Jokes aside, I made this a double fragment week so you had both an emotional as hell chapter, and a humorous one. So we get… Continue Reading “Fragment 24 Insight”

Fragment 8 (Post-Upgrade) Insight

It was a tossup between using the final ascension art and an earlier one, considering he’s his older self in Fragments. Waver arguably has the most growth in Fate/Zero. Simply put, the fragment was just designed as closure for all that he’s went through.… Continue Reading “Fragment 8 (Post-Upgrade) Insight”