Fragment 42 Insight

This Fragment shares a lot of similarities with the Hans one, simply based on the inclusion of a rather large fighting event. The difference is, the mood of the casters actually reflects in the style of the fights. Hans’ more critical viewpoint made his darker, while Helena’s rather relaxed and even optimistic one lent to the more comedic and exhilarating ones she followed. 

As a note, if you’re wondering why they got partially sidelined with their fights, it’s a tip of the hat to their roles: They’re supports.

But that doesn’t mean they both take back stage roles. Helena shows this through her newly learned hobby. Lighting something is an art, as I’ve had drilled into my head several times as a photographer and Film School Graduate. It’s not easy, especially with an event where there’s unpredictable movement. It can be done plainly, but where’s the fun in that? So like Hans discovered his passion for announcing, Helena found her supporting role in manipulating lights perfectly without obscuring the view for the audience. A rather unusual trick, but with her automatas and direction, it suits her well.

Those little guys aren’t great in combat, so they may as well see more use besides maids.

Helena’s classic teaching notion got a much larger spotlight as Chaldea’s first official teacher, for the children… and Jeanne. I wanted to include Jeanne’s curiosity for continued learning, but it felt shoehorned in most places outside her fragment. Introducing it with the idea Helena is educating the children made for the best situation. 

Though she makes a lot of references with India, I put that to the side for now to talk about at a later date. Instead, I focused on her friendship with Edison. as a fellow caster. I felt setting up their work ethic was a nice touch, as well as introducing a few new concepts with Da Vinci’s creation and Chaldea’s current standing. 

I also wished to highlight her stance with peacekeeping between Edison and Tesla. Unlike other rivalries, there’s is more absurd and comedic than potentially violent since they’re gentleman. With that in mind, I wanted their words to bite harder than their actual hits… until they do finally come to blows at the end. Their fight was kinda shadowed, and underwritten, compared to Tyler and Delaqua’s, but I did that on purpose. I wanted to leave it to the imagination what bickering could have happened based on everything they’ve said already, since the action was relatively bland as a classic boxing match.

Finally, there needed to be some sort of reference to Theosphy and Helena’s noble phantasm without having to dive too deeply into it. I made mentions here and there, but I felt most followers of Fate only know the basics of Theosphy as explained by the game itself. So not to confuse with concept and terminology, I went with the casual angle: Her UFO noble phantasm. Word will likely spread about that, igniting the imaginations of the science community. They’d make references about aliens. All it takes then, is for Medusa to recommend a rather well known book for her to expand her knowledge.

Too bad the conclusion of the fight is preventing her from charging straight through to the answer she seeks.

I’m leaving next week’s teaser a mystery again too. It isn’t until Fragment 44 that things get a little serious again.

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