Fragment 43 Insight

Marie’s Salon Team hasn’t had much insight into their inner relations, so I aimed to fix that by following one of the members. I chose Mozart because of the uplifting potential he had with a musical based fragment. The scenes of the salon group were intermixed to help show how they interact with each other as well, since most of their appearances are with others being catered. There were plenty of angles to work with, but I went with a casual approach until the very end.

As Chaldea’s most prominent musician for obvious reasons, if it didn’t include any music, the fragment would have been beyond serviceable. So I included it in every aspect of his current living (and past), as well as its influence on how he thinks. It has had a powerful impact on him as his bio states, and I took some real-history liberties to add some extra depth. Music is everything to him, for better or for worse, but this time he aims to make it for the best.

…unless the singing idol rivals are involved: Then he just hates life, but can you blame him? They had to make an appearance too, without a doubt. If anyone can give them the critique they need, it’s Mozart (not Hans this time!). Whether they can handle it or not is the real question.

Speaking of handling, I brought up the radical idea he actually accepts a few modern songs. That’s the key note though: It has to be an extreme few. The amount of outrage when Rock first came out in the 50’s was loud, and that was only a single generation gap. Mozart dealing with all this new aged music? As mentioned several times before, Mozart hates it and for good reason. That said, his love for music would lead him to at least see why it “turned so poor” and search for pieces of hope.

Even if he hates the electronic background, I feel many Lindsey Stirling’s songs (save a few) could convince him that a blend is possible. He would find most hope in film-style orchestral and other instrumental pieces. They are more akin to what he would create and be exposed to in his time, so there’s no question about that. With that in mind though, his acceptance of modern music would likely come to a halt here; The basic background beat would be the borderline of what he’d even allow, and only because it would admittedly raise spirits with its catchy and mood-raising beat.

As a musician, he has to give an occasional tip of the hat to entertain the modern generation too… begrudgingly, of course.

Finally, since Mozart knows magecraft, I felt knowing that performance spell would be a nice touch. He already has a performance requiem as a Noble Phantasm, so something as casual as visualized notes and a manifestation aura should be mundane enough to be acceptable.

Next week, we follow one of Grand Order’s most beloved heroes, for various reasons.

The ending song in case some haven’t heard it:

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