Fragment 57 Insight

I did quite a bit of researching on this one just to refresh my mind on the differences between different sects Buddhism, mainly Indian and Chinese. Doing so helped me find the proper way to give Xuanzang one of her typical overreactions, but in a far more serious context. The idea she complains about heat, cold, and heights as a servant is beyond amusing, so I decided to try and double down on that signature overthinking and childish responses.

It should have worked out fairly well, but I was sure to intermix her usual lively and upbeat attitude. It showcases just how rather erratic her emotions and thoughts can be while showing it amongst different company. The Hassans were one of the ones I definitely wanted to depict as just a small appologem (without the saint quartz, sorry) towards what I had to do in Camelot to avoid excessive character bloat and side plots. Xuanzang and Tota will get more rewarding appearances to continue to balance the scales.

Tota was going to be the one to shake her out of her overreaction though, that was without a doubt. They had great interactions in canon Camelot, and I wanted to show how clear the bond was in Chaldea despite how shortened it was. It was shown a few times, but this was easily one of the more definitive examples. She gets flustered, and Tota immediately goes for the solution without dragging things on… else she’ll draw another awkward conclusion (as shown in the entry) and things drag on further.

Through in some rather big obvious hints and advancements towards other overarching developments too. Some should be fairly obvious, but I usually like to make them subtler until I get an opportunity to present a serious development from a different perspective. Xuanzang allowed me to do so since she’s wandering all over the place in rather open distress.

Seriously, I dropped a lot of hints in this entry. A LOT.

That said, I can’t really expand into anything else about this fragment. It’s extremely straightforward, but shows someone’s distress in a rather unique light. Most characters in distress make for a somber read, but Xuanzang’s distress winds up hilarious because of how obvious she messes up and overreacts to rather simple things.

Next week: It’s Mother’s Day. That should narrow it down.

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