Fragment 24 Insight

Oh? The wound was healing and I poured salt in it?

But we play Fate/Grand Order. We’re only filled with salt! Jokes aside, I made this a double fragment week so you had both an emotional as hell chapter, and a humorous one.

So we get to a servant most people have suddenly held dear to them. I particularly thought Roman was a neat character before that when I believed he was just a normal human; I like reading about normal people and what they have to go through when everyone else is capable of much more… But to think he was hiding that for a secret? My respect for him grew tenfold, and it was already fairly high.

So he deserved a fragment, and what better servants to share it with than David and Da Vinci. Recipe for one hell of a feel trip, so I ignited the torch and set the groundwork as soon as it was an actual confirmed theory. This fragment was only a plausible entry that I had since early November due to the Roman = Solomon rumors. Once that was confirmed, this took to life real quick.

Roman is complex. He’s sometimes aloof, but often working hard. He has his own little security blanket in the form of Magi*Mari, and he hates seeing sad things. Coupled with the usually upbeat yet collected/stern Da Vinci, you have an interesting friendship. Add in David, and a secret to be kept, and you got some recipe for turmoil.

So I made it a balance. There’s humor, but there’s also very heavy emotion. This is not a light subject, and it’s even worse for those who know the ending (which should be everyone reading this fic). If this actually spoiled anything for anyone, I’ll be dead surprised. I can’t honestly apologize about it though, since there have been spoilers left and right in FoC and TGL. Technically, this entire fic is spoilers for the whole Fate/ series. But I digress.

Ever since he debuted in Altera’s chapter (Which this makes several callbacks to), he hasn’t gotten much appearances. Obviously this was mostly due to concentration on other servants, but I wanted it to be very clear in this chapter he was an influential force around Chaldea: He is the unofficial director after all. So all the small gestures add up to show how appreciated he is the community.

And since you know the ending of F/GO Part I, that should make this chapter relatively painful to read. That was the whole idea. This one’s to you, you beautiful work of a doctor.

A final note for those Ishtar fans who were bombarding me about adding her in, no, this was not an act of appeasement. She’s been planned to appear for a while now, and I sometimes lie/fudge estimates on when they debut so people don’t get their hopes up. Just have patience if you want to see a specific character; Unless they’re an alter or duplicate, you’re very likely to see them, and soon for that matter.

Next week we deal with some expected love issues! But for who?

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