Fragment 9 Insight (Revisited)

Back when I first wrote this fragment, it would become my first answer to ‘duplicate’ servants. It was my intention to limit the number of similar servants to one and only one back when the series was still very casual. Obviously years later, that door isn’t quite as shut anymore, but my intent to limit duplicates still remain. That meant many, like the swimsuit versions, would be relegated to costume changes or something else.

For MHX, popular or not, it was a potion mishap. Admittedly, it definitely was a bit of a stretch, but back when it was a casual write, I didn’t give it much extra thought. I still feel it was one of the better decisions to make considering MHX is, at her core, still a gag servant despite the backstory and concepts they gave her.

That aside, I still focused on her tendencies as a servant, just as amplified hidden grudges from Arturia’s pride. Namely, the fact so many tease her on certain points. From there, it was a matter of making her focus on those who offended her by means of a potion that amplified one’s emotions to critical levels. I just added a chain of terrible misunderstandings and incidents to put the entire thing into motion.

But despite the tension of being in the situation, MHX was still a gag character. So her fragment needed gags. There were more than an adequate amount spread throughout Fragments’ first “Super” (for Super-length 15k word) fragments. Years later, I still think it’s a fitting addition to help set what sort of lunacy you should expect from this series, even if it does a lot to ground the work with a fair amount of reason.

The revisit was less of a revision compared to some other Season 1 entries. The main fix was Arturia’s reaction at the end. I toned it down quite a bit compared to how melodramatic it originally was so it’s more in line with her character at the time. Other than that, it was mostly grammar fixes.

Despite her fragment being early and a joke, I may or may not let her appear again. After all, there’s still MHXA to give a tip of the hat to.

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