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Fragment 53 Insight

This week it was time to shine some light on one of Chaldea’s brighter personalities: A former courtesan and spy with the purest heart of gold. When you consider Mata Hari’s backstory, it really is rather heartbreaking. Her mother died when she was young,… Continue Reading “Fragment 53 Insight”

Fragment 51 Insight

Cursed Arm is probably the most interesting for plain slice of life. Just look at the dude. He’s more menacing than friendly looking on first glance, especially considering Heaven’s Feel route… yet what does his My Room Lines and Camelot Singularity reveal? I really… Continue Reading “Fragment 51 Insight”

Fragment 49 Insight

Been a bit since there’s been a bronze servant showcased, but it was time to shed a bit lighter on Salon de Marie again. What better than the stoic assassin behind the bar and his point of view? When one thinks of a bar… Continue Reading “Fragment 49 Insight”

Fragment 32 Insight

Serenity is a rather popular and tragic character, so while this Fragment does introduce an OC, I had to strike the right balance. While Rena is introduced and gets a rather nice spotlight, it’s definitely still about Serenity’s issue. In the village she could… Continue Reading “Fragment 32 Insight”

Fragment 31 Insight

Mordred was going to show up regardless just due to their friendship. It’s been mentioned several times, and glanced at a distance in Their Guiding Light. They’re almost opposites, which creates an interesting dynamic when the two are allowed to simply interact. He’s the anchor… Continue Reading “Fragment 31 Insight”

Fragment 25 Insight

Back to the romance genre for a fragment, since these two had more than the necessary dynamic for it. I still consider it my weakest genre, which I will still use sparingly, but for the sake of diversity I have no issue writing it.… Continue Reading “Fragment 25 Insight”