Fragment 60 Insight

I decided to take a few liberties when doing Phantom of the Opera, especially since his mental pollution is now completely gone. First and foremost, I used his actual backstory that can be gleamed from his work as a foundation for how he acts. He’s been horribly mistreated for his horrendous looks, and even abandoned by his own mother, so he’s going to have serious social reservations. With that in mind, having him being an introvert with a wish for partially breaching his shell felt very right. 

It was just a matter of ensuring he stays an introvert while giving him enough social confidence to personally enjoy his time around people too.

He no longer has mental pollution and Gabrielle is no longer his Christine, his light in the dark. Without both, he’s at a loss on how to move ahead, but he’s not at square one. Shakespeare has been helping him, and he is already the guaranteed star of the play as stated from Medb’s fragment. Those tools present, he just needs to find the way forward, past his own crippling reservations and lingering distrust to grasp the one thing he never received until Christine came along: Acceptance by Humanity.

I did a few read-throughs more than usual just to ensure it came across as a grievance of his own instinctive impulses rather than a serious grudge against humanity. He could have had that as a basis, sure, but I had his Don Juan Triumphant piece in mind. It has misery of his life as an underlying tone rather than anger and resentment.

I didn’t make his interactions as varied as other servants because of the introverted nature. This is his major turning point, so it will open the door for him to act more naturally around others later. That said, I chose servants who would likely aid him on the way forward whether by circumstance or surprise shared ideas.

In particular, Mozart’s growing orchestra could always use more members. I felt it would make a nice callback to his own fragment while providing plenty of symbolism. Then again, this entry does have quite a bit of blunt symbolism when you look at it. I guess it’s to make up for not as many other hints/references being dropped compared to more recent entries.

Next week: Oh no! No, no, no! It wasn’t proper for her to panic, but she was definitely panicking! She had to do something to continue proving her worth! She had a glorious title that should never be shamed!

…I think my teasers are getting more and more obvious.

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