Fragment 17 Insight (Revisited)

By the time it was Sasaki’s fragment, the lone-character spotlight was a mandatory design. From here on, I found myself making very little corrections to get rid of multiple viewpoints. One or two remained by necessity.

This one was a return to the standard norm of living that was seen in the earlier fragments. Simplistic interactions, run-ins, and musings would form the foundation for many ‘mundane’ fragments that help level the series’ overall tone. As such, the only thing I needed to add when revisiting this fragment were a few teasers, brevity on descriptive introductions, and dialogue flavoring.

Back then, I wanted to bring out his character as Chaldea’s literal first servant. He’s seen it all. He’s grown a routine and stuck with it. There wasn’t very much change in his disposition save for being mellow, so the intent was to show how he gets along with everyone. That included Medea, who he still teases and ribs as his way of ‘getting back’ at her for their grail war. By all means, it’s a much more subdued response compared to what canon infers.

The series does take note of some fanon and other popular ideas, but I make it a habit not to let it influence the work in general. In the end, I’m still the one who has to forge the path ahead where every choice has repercussions. Relationships were the big ones. That’s why, even though Martha and Sasaki are a pretty popular thing, I decided to just leave them as friends. That still persists to the end as a staple to the idea not everyone needs a relationship. I still aim for balance.

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