Fragment 70 Insight

This was one hell of a confusing and hectic fragment to write. I had to do quite a bit more research to make the scenario a little more viable, and also provide some proper context on why Hundred Face wasn’t really seen much throughout Season 2 and 3. Well, this is the answer.

She had an impossible task. She’s the representative of a hundred different identities, yet she tried to hold firm on not developing her own personal life that she’d grow attached to. Obviously, this failed horrendously given Chaldea’s warm state, and it left her in a massive problem: She was now supposedly going against the collective will.

The collective wants to become one, uniformed identity famous under a single name… which is tragic and ironic considering the circumstances.

Hundred Face is famous because of her disorder (that the throne took up a notch with separate bodies). Getting rid of that means she’s not Hundred Face anymore, both in identity, specialty, and circumstance. She’d likely still have all the accumulated knowledge and be one hell of a scholar and Jack of All Trades, but she wouldn’t be her anymore. Hundred Face wouldn’t exist, per se, because she’s no longer a hundred identities.

I merely introduced the thoughts that showed her the issues with her perspective. She was worried about showing off Yedda (who I named personally since the concept identity didn’t have a name) and having Chaldea grow too attached to her, when they were already likely attached to her personality. They’ve already doomed themselves before they even began.

Yet, there’s still some hope that I offered to her but still left as her own uncertainty at the end (even if she’s now going in a more promising direction for the identities). If the identities are all present, they’re all weaker, but the voices are no longer echoing in her mind. If they also all grew interested in their own identities, then they likely wouldn’t combine either. I merely left it as food for thought for her to continue thinking about. As shown, not all problems are solved in a fragment, but the fragment can still portray a massive turning point to make future showings more viable.

Sprinkles of hints and some comedy abound as usual, but I tried to keep them minimal to maintain focus on the rather complex issue she suffers from. Some wishes just need to have their flaws pointed out since their circumstances would make a real mess.

Teaser: Another perfectly lazy day in their little slice of paradise. They didn’t expect anything special from the day, but that’s why they loved what currently was. Their present was more than they could have ever imagined since they arrived so long ago, and everything else was merely a happy bonus.

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