Fragment 87 Insight

First fragment to take part partially during a primary singularity… for obvious reasons why. I thought it’d be nice to show how Chaldea is like while the main force is away. Though a more relaxed singularity compared to the ones they dealt with before, just wanted to show Chaldea was more or less stable and not gripped by overwhelming concern.

Unlike most other fragments, this one is heavy in introspection and mental thought. Babbage isn’t exactly a social butterfly, and his form limits him from doing many things. It was that “lack thereof” that actually helped color him more. He hasn’t really deviated from his interests, but he does still help where applicable, such as applying his genius to current development projects. Especially ones that ensure Chaldea’s prosperity and safety.

Then there’s his real hobby/dream/focus. Having him know of steampunk was an instant “well duh” for developing him. He’d have believers of his vision, and it’d make a nice contrast showing how willing he was to interact with them over the secured internet as opposed to renowned heroes. It’s not that he’s not impressed with the others, but as an intellectual, he just bores of conversation that doesn’t test the mind or further his goal.

So heavy focus was applied to his vision. He doesn’t care too much about the circumstances of his summoning. If anything, he embraced it to pour even more focus into what he wants. It made him more of a recluse compared to most, but he still has colleagues to talk with in the forms of his fellow geniuses. So while it’s not Slice of Life as most see it, it’s definitely Slice of Life for Babbage.

It also made the fragment a perfect segway to introduce Holmes and the case he involved him with. AKA, why 2017 (the Lostbelts) was calculated as a disaster. It’s looking more like Fragments will likely tread down that course with every release, but as I stated before, don’t expect the Lostbelts’ theme to survive the adaptation. My series’ core premise takes absolute authority, and if there’s any complaints about that, I truly question why someone started reading the Slice of Life to begin with.

That aside, there’s not much to really expand upon besides the reasoning decisions. Babbage works on logic and reasoning. Everything is scheduled and calculated, but he still enjoys himself and helps the others. Maybe not the staple feel good many were expecting, but it’s this routine monotony with occasional breaks that I feel best suited him.

Teaser: Everything is relevant to what you know, even the truth. It was her ignorance that doomed her in her previous life, and it was only in this modern world did she understand how her indifferent slaughter of young women was perceived. Her guilt may have been shallow, but it was present, and perhaps that’s why she took Chaldea on their offer. All things considered, it wasn’t too bad here.

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