Fragment 94 Insight

And again. The word creep struck. But I wanted to get a mix of information drops in here while ensuring this fragment stayed firmly Medea in outlook and design. It was a perfect spot for her fragment to show just how relaxed she is… yet so very, very herself with all the caution, paranoia, and assertive action.

I wanted to be careful but equally daring with Medea’s fragment since she is a personal favorite of mine. I think she deserved better, and there was plenty of more room for growth than what was offered in UBW, Labyrinth, and even FGO. So I gave it to her, gently laid pieces and roles throughout the series, and made this fragment the capstone of who she was allowed to become. Hopefully it felt rewarding, relaxing, and even sympathetic.

So we got to delve into the Medea that could’ve been. The Princess who was given genuine companions, allowed to explore hobbies new and old, and freed from the overhanging burdens of a traditional Holy Grail War. I wanted to ensure her outlook was painted accordingly, but still wound up her, the experienced Witch of Betrayal. Someone who knows good things could drop guards and let the bad events sneak up to stab them in the back. An idea that, more than ever before, brings dire consequences to her because of how much she’s come to cherish.

A bunch of subplots were advanced as usual, alongside the revival of some new and old ones. Sprinkles as usual, but I think the real treat for everyone was the cameo and two newest arrivals. My plan to involve Artoria Lily was long in the making, and also one of the secret reasons I was content to place Arturia’s material body transformation. Though OG Arturia has ‘ascended’, there’s now the cuter, vibrant version in her place. Medea sure is happy about that… but not quite about Mia.

The finalization of the season long mystery of how Lateral Entry truly works is now completely unveiled. As inferred in the final explanation, not everyone will be able to get through it, but it makes a malleable loophole for me to bring in some duplicates. Heavy emphasis on some. Again, don’t expect swimsuit or Christmas servant or any such gags. But who knows who might pop in with its newly opened doors?

This fragment also served as a perfect marker to slowly ramp up the tension for the placement of the next cancelled supplement. As mentioned a few times before, this marks the unusual end of Season 4 to herald in Season 5, which will have more tension and a shift in focus with sub plots. It’s all a matter of brick laying, and I’ve left more than enough dormant powder kegs to leave one hell of a mess should the fuses intertwine. Who knows what I’ll do since things have been pretty peaceful, all things considered.

Brace yourselves for the emotional rollercoasters of Season 5, and I hope you find my summarized twist on Agartha enjoyable!

Teaser: After everything she’d done, all out of an ever-lasting fear of the end… This was where she wound up. Chaldea. A place that filled her with terror for what could happen with so many mighty spirits. Spirits she barely knew, who only understood she had been their secret enemy just recently. But it was here, or death… but how long had she staved off her demise? Her fear was immense, but it crushed her that all she could do was hold on to Anishka’s promise that here she would come to truly feel safe.

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