Fragment 51 Insight

Cursed Arm is probably the most interesting for plain slice of life. Just look at the dude. He’s more menacing than friendly looking on first glance, especially considering Heaven’s Feel route… yet what does his My Room Lines and Camelot Singularity reveal? I really liked the appeal Nasu added to his character’s flip side, and it was more than easy to run with it.

So, I made flat out slice of life for him since his lines and actions pointed in that direction. He likes doing chores and probably has some subdued desires to be a family man. Complicate it by acknowledging he is a Hassan who must follow their creed strictly, and you get an interesting picture to work with. What better way to exemplify that then by the uneasy and uncertain shadow of their order’s founder within Chaldea?

Since he likes doing chores, I also figured he would be one of those more than willing to lend a hand to others. This opened the door to many different possibilities to show how many skills and things he’s learned by doing so. It also allowed me to plant plenty of foundation material for later concepts and developments, including the biggest: Anishka is revealed as the fiftieth master.

There was initially a scene where Cursed Arm was going to be doing some Peacekeeper stuff too, since I have him slated for that. It wasn’t scrapped, but merely moved to a later fragment to save some space.

I’ll paint more of King Hassan’s character later, but Cursed Arm’s interactions with him in the two scenes showcase just how lenient he’s being. Everyone whose read the my room lines should be well aware of what King Hassan thinks of the vanilla Hassans. Given the circumstances and their changed situations, I simply adjusted his outlook appropriately for how he’d like view them now. It’s still very much a mystery though which will be revealed in his fragment when the series gets to that point. It’s much later, as a note.

Next week, someone’s obtaining spontaneous presents for special people in their lives, but they need to get materials secretly so there’s less of a chance they find out. It’s time to go shopping in a benign singularity!

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