Fragment 31 Insight

Mordred was going to show up regardless just due to their friendship. It’s been mentioned several times, and glanced at a distance in Their Guiding Light. They’re almost opposites, which creates an interesting dynamic when the two are allowed to simply interact. He’s the anchor that keeps Mordred from going completely wild, and she’s the force that’s pushing him from being overly docile. Whether they like it or not, since their interactions in London, their intricacies influence each other in a subtle manner.

As stated, I don’t follow the fandom’s popular ideas blindly, though it does have a subtle influence on small scenes or concepts. Look hard enough and there are some meme references on occasion. I will admit that the idea of an ambiguous Mordred/Jekyll has been floating around since I introduced their friendship way back in Fragment 13. It was both London, and a strange explosion of supposed fanart, that sparked the idea. I simply leave it ambiguous at this point.

We’re dealing with someone that, in a sense, has a dual personality. Of course Gilles would make another appearance as well considering his own backstory. I felt it gave proper reflection and served as a nice mirror for both of them. I tried to make it seem like Jekyll was convincing himself by talking to Gilles, but I refrained from being overly blunt about it.

Besides Mordred, Hyde was the other guarantee for an appearance. They’re in the same body, so of course he would appear. Unlike what was shown in “A Study in the Color of Ravens’ Feathers” (Official work which I highly recommend reading), I decided to let Hyde take a spectator-style back seat instead of constant whispers. I created the idea he could simply set up a meeting with Jekyll if he wanted to discuss anything, though from the doctor’s perspective it would be more like berating.

I wanted him to be crazed, but not absolutely insane. He does what he wants for ephemeral pleasure, even more so than Drake, but that doesn’t mean he’s an idiot. He knows what’s going on and what he has to do to get “let out” more often to do as he pleases. It’s like a game of mental checks and balances, so while he does hate Jekyll, he knows he has to cooperate with him on some regard. Where this unique sort of partnership will lead will only develop form here, but I have at least set the building blocks for them.

He’s also the best asset to point out blatantly what he refuses to acknowledge. It’s ironic that the evil within he had refused to accept is now trying to make him accept other ideas, like a pseudo-snowball effect.

A bunch of the Prototype servants were mentioned, but not shown, to be directly involved with Jekyll. Besides Paracelsus, Arash is also supposed to be good friends with the assassin, though I’m saving their interactions for his fragment instead. There was also the two mentions of proto-Arthur so readers could get a general idea of what others knew of him in Chaldea.

Overall, it’s a very straight forward fragment to read. No real subtle intricacies, which made it an ideal follow up after Kiyohime’s addition. Next week we have Serenity’s chapter, and as stated, it is OC heavier than the usual. It doesn’t happen often, but they do get some spotlight… and for very good reason next week.

Final Note: For those who don’t recall correctly, if you watch the rabbit scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Gawain is one of the knights who gets his ass handed to him by the fluffy thing. You can see why Gawain is a little jumpy around Fou now.

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