Fragment 25 Insight

Back to the romance genre for a fragment, since these two had more than the necessary dynamic for it. I still consider it my weakest genre, which I will still use sparingly, but for the sake of diversity I have no issue writing it.

Halloween 2017 Event, while funny, was pretty much the necessary information on whether this would be a sad one or a RomCom of sorts. Obviously it fell towards the former, but I put pieces of the latter in so it wasn’t too depressing; We did just come from the Roman/Solomon fragment after all.

This fragment also served as a nice test bed for a historical interpretation. I placed the Siege of Alexandria as a scene, obviously taking some creative liberty, to help portray Caesar in a different light: The muscular man Cleopatra’s eyes would never argue with. Also gave some meaning to some of the jewelry she wore to help bridge the gap the Halloween Event created.

Honestly, after everything Caesar had done, both historically and in the Nasuverse, it was a little far fetched for Cleopatra to be so very judgmental on superficial qualities. Yes, she has a specific eye for beauty, but to go as far as to absolutely break her wish? That’s pretty fickle, but I went with it anyhow, because that’s her character. I just simply needed the right person to set her mind in the right direction, even if she’s still disgusted by his weight.

What better person than Nero?

I purposefully left out any development after their better reunion, simply leaving it open ended that Cleopatra would continue trying, and figure a way not to feel so repulsed by his body. I’ll obviously drop hints here and there from now on to show progress, just like I do with other connections.

This was also a nice way to show Altera has a cozy spot with the Romans now. Though, it is apparent Nero isn’t the only one in the group with slightly absurd antics; I feel Romulus would definitely be game for it if it was for the sake of a Roman Emperor, regardless of how potentially south it could go. 

See you readers next week, where we dive into a controversial topic: Religion! It’s kinda necessary involving a saint.

P.S. – The lyrics for the song at the end are from a song called “Will you still love me” by Chicago. The opening lyrics just fit the situation too well. I’ll leave the video here.

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