Gabrielle Rutherford

The 49th Chaldean Master

Nicknames: Gabby, Gudako

Debut Fragment: 8
Previous Affiliation: Magecraft Division, Summoning Department
Education: High School Diploma, One year at the Mage’s Association
Languages: English

Heritage: Irish-British. Raised in United States.
Birthday: September 24th, 1994, Born in Britain
Age at the beginning of Series: 19
Height: 154cm 
Hair: Reddish-Orange
Eyes: Golden

Mage Heritage: 3rd Generation, Firedancer Magecraft
Magic Circuits: 21, Fair Quality
Element: Fire
Origin: Impulsive
Notable Magecraft Capabilities: Fire Casting and Manipulation, Heavy Reinforcement

Likes: Coffee, Socializing, Making Friends, Parties, Helping Others
Dislikes: Social Drama, Paperwork, Seeing Discontent
Fears: Losing Friendships
Favorite Color: Blue

Key Personality Traits: Passionate, Reckless, Stubborn, Affectionate, Short-Sighted
Specialties: Close Combat, Acting with Confidence
Hobbies: Television Shows, Sun Bathing, Raising Animals

Closest Companions (Bond 6+ for servants) 

Bond 10Medb, Scathach
Bond 9Cu, Diarmuid, Fergus, Fionn, Suzuka
Bond 8Quetzalcoatl, Ereshkigal, Moriarty
Bond 7Serenity, Kiyohime, Jack, Nursery Rhyme, Atalanta, Kuro
Bond 6Da Vinci, Tamamo, Paul, Mata Hari, Arash, Yedda, Illya, Marie
OCsGudao, Anishka, Tyler, Delaqua, Skyler

Gabrielle moved to Florida at an early age and became quick friends with the timid neighbor, Gudao Fujimaru. Though their parents were initial worried and distrusting of the other family, their bond connected the two families in a strong, everlasting alliance. Their parents would even joke they’ve become one family, and that their kids are destined to marry each other someday.

As someone who wore every emotion on her sleeve like a badge, Gabrielle acts on her intuition and desire to set things right. She cares deeply for those she loves, and she staunchly defended and helped Gudao in their early years. Her spitfire nature had a tendency to bring her into drama, but she still remained one of their school’s most popular girls because of her loyalty. The teachers didn’t appreciate her willingness to literally fight for those she cared for though.

Her magus family line is promising, though still fledgling. Her Magic Crest was inherited from her father, and contains her family’s current expertise on manipulating fire without causing damage to oneself. She adapted it further by using it to enhance her chosen fighting style: Close Combat through reinforcement and elemental attunement. It’s high risk, and many classmate mages at the Clock Tower scoffed at the ridiculousness… until they got hit with it the self-defense classes.

Though she qualified as a Master Candidate, she was only accepted into Chaldea as a temporary Magus Employee for the summer. She still came to watch over Gudao and ensure he was fine around the “elitists.” She wound up becoming Chaldea’s 49th Master after Gudao finally stopped trying to shoulder everything.

Her forward attitude and willingness to do what’s necessary to set things right in her eyes has caused friction on several occasions. All the servants are wary how stubborn and seemingly reckless she can be, but no one doubts she’s willing to do what it takes to get the job done. They’re also aware her actions mean well, even if the outcomes aren’t exactly what anyone was expecting. Though universally accepted, she’s the polarizing wild card of the Chaldean masters.  

Gudao Fujimaru

The 48th Chaldean Master

Nicknames: Gudork

Debut Fragment: Prologue
Previous Affiliation: Chaldean Master on Arrival
Education: High School Diploma, One year at the Mage’s Association
Languages: English, German (Basic), Japanese (Fair)

Heritage: German-Japanese, Raised in the United States
Birthday: February 11th, 1995, Born in Japan
Age at the beginning of Series: 19
Height: 174cm 
Hair: Black
Eyes: Crystal Blue

Mage Heritage: 2nd Generation, Land Molder Magecraft
Magic Circuits: 14, Passable Quality
Element: Earth
Origin: Dedication
Notable Magecraft Capabilities: Earth Manipulation, Basic Wind Spells

Likes: Flying, Happy Moments, Celebrations
Dislikes: Dark beer, Work Overload, Disharmony
Fears: Failure
Favorite Color: Green

Key Personality Traits: Negotiator/Mediator, Lenient, Accommodating, Patient
Specialties: Diplomacy, Strategy
Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Hiking

Closest Companions (Bond 6+ for servants) 

Bond 10Mashu, Gilgamesh
Bond 9Enkidu, Ereshkigal
Bond 8Lancelot, Arturia
Bond 7Mordred, Bedivere, Ishtar
Bond 6Gawain, Da Vinci, Tristan
OCsGabrielle, Tyler, Anishka, Skyler

Gudao moved to Florida at an early age and became quick friends with the neighbor, Gabrielle Rutherford. Though their parents were initial worried and distrusting of the other family, their bond connected the two families in a strong, everlasting alliance. Their parents would even joke they’ve become one family, and that their kids are destined to marry each other someday.

Gudao grew up introverted and constantly bullied, but Gabrielle helped him improve. He became one of the popular kids in High School, where he understood what it was like to be left out and bullied. His social skills were sharpened, and he was famed for his silver tongue that could diffuse tense standoffs and broker unexpected bridges between people. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do for a living, so he wound up following Gabrielle to London to improve his Magecraft while he considered his options.

His Magus family lineage is new, yet holds some promise. Though his mother’s Magecraft lineage is fresh, Gudao father comes from a long-standing tradition of US Military service that stretches back decades before the American Revolutionary War of 1776. If he couldn’t figure out what he wanted to do, it was likely his father would try to convince him to enlist or join a campus’ Reserve Officers Training Corps Program.

He wound up getting accepted as the 48th Chaldean Master instead. He is now well known for his negotiation skills, and his attempts to try and spend quality time with all servants regardless of their disposition to him. He’s the most universally respected master in Chaldea because of it. Servants generally have no issue with him except for the fact he’s too permissible and lenient for his own good. In his attempt not to be invasive or overbearing, he also tries not to get too involved with personal affairs between servants unless it becomes a serious issue.

It is well known that Gudao, despite his element of Earth, has an avid appreciation of flight which he adopted from his father. Any strategy he comes up with will inevitably pivot on the reliance of air support in some way. Regardless, all his plans are founded on the overall safety of the servants, and he’s less willing to take risks if it puts anyone in serious danger. That won’t stop him from measuring the cost and gain of smaller risks though.

Valeria Delaqua

Furniture Department Supervisor,
and blooming Legendary Fighter

Debut Fragment: 36
Affiliation: Logistics Division 
Education: Technical School

Heritage: Russian, Raised in Australia
Age: 28
Height: 166cm
Hair: Fiery Red
Eyes: Pale Green

Likes: Marathons, Children, Large Cheeseburgers
Dislikes: Body shaming, Instagram, How unhealthy Cheeseburgers are
Fears: Ridicule
Favorite Color: Red

Key Personality Traits: Very self-conscious, Hard Working, Reserved, Tempermental
Specialty: Wood and Metalworking
Hobbies: Martial Arts, Weightlifting

Closest Companions (Bond 6+ for servants) 

Bond 10Leonidas
Bond 9Quetzalcoatl, Spartacus, Penthesilea
Bond 8Beowulf, Hundred Face
Bond 7Martha, Anne & Mary, Kuro
Bond 6Xuanzang, Li, Janna, Yedda, Jack
OCsTyler, Naomi, Sergei, Elsa

The most physically fit regular human in Chaldea, and Supervisor of the Furniture Department. She became very self-conscious of her body due to being overweight in her childhood; This was a point of miscommunication between her and Gabrielle. Regardless of her current physical fitness, jokes or misheard comments about her body are taken very seriously to the point she holds grudges.

She is very hard working but mostly reserved until she’s allowed to show off her favorite hobby/activity: Martial Arts. She has a habit of getting way too into it though, since it’s one of the few things where she doesn’t have lingering self confidence issues. With help from others, she’s finally gaining control over her usually flashfire temperament and confidence issues.

After her spectacular run with the grail during the final confrontation against Goetia, her self-esteem skyrocketed. She’d been receiving training sessions from her closest friends ever since to try and reach new heights of physical fitness. She’s also partially become an adrenaline junky who seeks exhilarating fights to show off her newfound prowess.

Rena (Designation R1-N4)

Former Prototype Robot,
Now Serenity’s Little Assistant

Debut Fragment: 32
Affiliation: Robotics Workforce
Education: Limited only by her storage capacity and experiences

Age: A few months
Size: 35cm diameter circle (chassis)
Chasis Color: Lilac

Likes: Being around people, Playing
Dislikes: Being left out, Not getting her way
Fears: Loneliness
Favorite Color: All of them

Key Personality Traits: Hyperactive, Childish
Specialty: Antidote Dispenser
Hobbies: Helping Serenity paint, teasing Tyler

Closest Companions (Bond 6+ for servants) 

Bond 10Serenity
Bond 9Frankenstein, Hundred Face, Cursed Arm, Yedda
Bond 8Babbage, Da Vinci, Tomoe
Bond 7Astolfo, Chaldea’s Children
Bond 6King Hassan, Shuten
OCsAnton, Tyler

As a prototype from Babbage and Da Vinci’s curiosity, Rena was often left alone on a shelf. After it came came to life of its own accord, it hid in Serenity’s room where it quickly bonded with the sad assassin. They became absolute friends, keeping each other company as the robot’s life-like personality programming began to bloom.

With Da Vinci’s permission, Rena was reprogrammed and refitted to become Serenity’s ideal assistant. She holds the only antidote for Serenity’s poison which is administered by a dart gun embedded in her chassis. Inseparable, both as friends and by need, the robot’s goal and desire is to learn as much as it can about living a life while enjoying the company it keeps.

She’s been receiving a few upgrades over the course of her operational span. Despite rumors of the Vigil having experimental androids, she prefers her “cute, tiny body that Serenity can hug and carry easily.” Thanks to their closeness, the other Hassans have become very fond of the little robot who loves teasing Tyler.

Anton Schneller

Former Computer Engineer,
Now Leyshift Division Supervisor

Debut Fragment: 12
Affiliation: Science Division
Education: Masters Degree, Top Honors. Computer Engineering Major, Minor Robotics

Heritage: German-Canadian, Raised in Australia
Age: 22
Height: 177cm
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Emerald

Likes: Learning/Education, Museums
Dislikes: Confrontation, Bullying, Politics, His Parents
Fears: Death, Physical Pain
Favorite Color: Light Blue

Key Personality Traits: Timid, Intelligent
Specialty: Software & Coding Genius/Prodigy
Hobbies: Brain Games, Watching Documentaries

Closest Companions (Bond 6+ for servants)

Bond 10Frankenstein
Bond 9Medusa
Bond 8Da Vinci, Serenity
Bond 7Astolfo, Mordred, Jekyll
Bond 6David, Lord El-Melloi II
OCsTyler, Rena

Originally one of the most reclusive employees in Chaldea, Anton’s primary pursuit was understanding. As a sheltered child with a parent-forced career path and a bionic replacement leg, he had a tendency to be very socially awkward and an outcast. This hardly changed through his schooling, and eventual run-away status. As an employee in Chaldea that survived Fuyuki, he was considered a strange case, though he was a genius. 

He made very few friends, but his first few outside of Tyler were by accident. His thirst for understanding and hobby of quietly reading introduced him to one of his closest friends, Frankenstein, who would later become his significant other. With their help, he grew more confident and socially capable to become a respected employee among the Chaldea Staff. His tendency to stutter still remains when nervous, but when he’s not working, he’s trying hard to build himself a regular life and find new hobbies.

During the final confrontation with Goetia, he used his computer expertise to try and save his fellow employees, which was largely successful. Though he played off his heroics, it helped earn him his new position as the Leyshift Supervisor to assist with deployment operations. Thanks to his fiance’s Mad Enhancement adjustment, he’s looked after by her in the control room as one of the dedicated guards.

Tyler Fields

The Laid-back Engineer,
and Unofficial Arcade Manager

Debut Fragment: 8
Affiliation: Engineering Division
Education: Currently Unstated Bachelor’s Degree

Heritage: Brazilian-Kenyan, Raised in United States
Age: 25
Height: 180cm
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Likes: Video Games, Dancing
Dislikes: Heavy Workloads, Wasps
Fears: Spiders, Needles, Sharks
Favorite Color: Blue  

Key Personality Traits: Laidback, Friendly
Specialty: Hardware Technician
Hobbies: Competitive Gaming, Streaming, Model Kits, Capoeira

Closest Companions (Bond 6+ for servants) 

Bond 10Serenity
Bond 9Kintoki, Frankenstein, Lord El-Melloi II
Bond 8Iskandar, Cu, Tomoe, Da Vinci, Angra Mainyu
Bond 7Shuten, Mordred, Hundred Face, Yedda, Cursed Arm
Bond 6Blackbeard, Mephistopheles
OCsAnton, Rena, Gudao, Gabrielle

Tyler is the most laidback employee in Chaldea, and everyone knows it. His consideration and openness for anyone often wins him new friends easily. He’s more than happy to help out where he can, especially when it involves his friends like his coworker Anton. When he’s not working, he’s almost always found playing video games.

He earned a friendly rivalry with Lord El-Melloi II. Their gaming group slowly grew to expand more servants with the help of Tyler’s welcoming and friendly personality. Even after being placed under Da Vinci’s direct supervision with Anton, not much has changed. He remains a stable anchor that allows several servants to wind down when talking to him.

During the final confrontation with Goetia, Tyler lose his leg in an attack by Lev. He survived the conflict and was given a prosthetic designed by Da Vinci, and his bright attitude didn’t break. The ordeal finally pushed him and Serenity closer together. Content with life, he still has the same engineering job, but has also become the unofficial manager of the Arcade.

Naomi Stolarz

Former Clothing Department Supervisor,
Now Stitch Witches Owner

Debut Fragment: 5
Affiliation: Logistics Division
Education: Home Schooled

Heritage: Greek-Georgian, Raised in Britain
Age: 29
Height: 174cm 
Hair: Green
Eyes: Jade

Likes: Coffee, Candlelit dinners
Dislikes: Tardiness, Exercise
Fears: Flying
Favorite Color: Red

Key Personality Traits: Perfectionist, Regimented, Non-judgmental
Specialty: Tailor-Specialized Magecraft
Hobbies: Knitting, crocheting, relaxing movies

Closest Companions (Bond 6+ for servants) 

Bond 10Medea
Bond 9Vlad, Boudica
Bond 8Nero, Cleopatra, Elizabeth, Raikou
Bond 7Chaldea’s child servants, Asterios
Bond 6Carmilla, Semiramis
OCsDelaqua, Gabrielle, Skyler, Elsa

The former tailor and best friend of the late Olga Marie Animusphere. She was hired by Marisbilly to work for the family. She shut herself further away from everyone after her horrific death, and believed to have come to terms through her strict adherence to discipline and work. She earned the nickname “Stitch Witch” due to her magecraft background and stringent attitude as supervisor of the Furniture Department.

Her attitude shifted upon unknowingly befriending Medea and Vlad through knitting sessions during lunch. Since then, she’s become more relaxed and happy thanks to their company, though her perfectionist attitude remains in all manner of her work. She and Medea now openly declare themselves as the Stitch Witches as a friendly joke. Boudica had recently joined their knitting party, making her the next closest friend she has within Chaldea.

During the final confrontation with Goetia, she was nearly killed by overloading her own telekinetic abilities. After remaining unconscious for a few weeks, she made a full recovery and became head of the newly reorganized Clothing Department: The Stitch Witches. She’s now free to design a full line of clothes and accessories alongside her best friend and co-owner, Medea.