Naomi Stolarz

Former Clothing Department Supervisor,
Now Stitch Witches Owner

Debut Fragment: 5
Affiliation: Logistics Division
Education: Home Schooled

Heritage: Greek-Georgian, Raised in Britain
Age: 29
Height: 174cm 
Hair: Green
Eyes: Jade

Likes: Coffee, Candlelit dinners
Dislikes: Tardiness, Exercise
Fears: Flying
Favorite Color: Red

Key Personality Traits: Perfectionist, Regimented, Non-judgmental
Specialty: Tailor-Specialized Magecraft
Hobbies: Knitting, crocheting, relaxing movies

Closest Companions (Bond 6+ for servants) 

Bond 10Medea
Bond 9Vlad, Boudica
Bond 8Nero, Cleopatra, Elizabeth, Raikou
Bond 7Chaldea’s child servants, Asterios
Bond 6Carmilla, Semiramis
OCsDelaqua, Gabrielle, Skyler, Elsa

The former tailor and best friend of the late Olga Marie Animusphere. She was hired by Marisbilly to work for the family. She shut herself further away from everyone after her horrific death, and believed to have come to terms through her strict adherence to discipline and work. She earned the nickname “Stitch Witch” due to her magecraft background and stringent attitude as supervisor of the Furniture Department.

Her attitude shifted upon unknowingly befriending Medea and Vlad through knitting sessions during lunch. Since then, she’s become more relaxed and happy thanks to their company, though her perfectionist attitude remains in all manner of her work. She and Medea now openly declare themselves as the Stitch Witches as a friendly joke. Boudica had recently joined their knitting party, making her the next closest friend she has within Chaldea.

During the final confrontation with Goetia, she was nearly killed by overloading her own telekinetic abilities. After remaining unconscious for a few weeks, she made a full recovery and became head of the newly reorganized Clothing Department: The Stitch Witches. She’s now free to design a full line of clothes and accessories alongside her best friend and co-owner, Medea.

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