Fragment 7 (Post-Upgrade) Insight

I was particularly proud of this fragment when it first came out. I read Altera’s background and wanted her to find a reason to be part of Chaldea, so I decided to try something ironic by placing her with the Romans. Caesar was going to have nothing of it since he loves Rome so much, but I felt like Nero would have been relatively fine with it. As an empress who loves beautiful things, I’d even dared to say she might find Altera as one of those individuals that catches her eye.

That was July 17, 2016… way before Fate/Extella was released. Upon Extella’s release and completion, I was more than ecstatic about what was canon. On a wild guess, I nailed a Nero and Altera friendship that became canon.

So I decided when this Fragment receives its upgrade, it would follow the rest by being as true to its core as possible. That was already simple enough since it was right on the mark. The challenge was exploring Nero’s and Altera’s friendship from the idea that this is Altera recorded in the throne, which means Attila the Hun. She would not have the memories of her Titan Form, but the possibility of getting that and her Moon Cell Avatar would still be possible as a memorial essence. 

It was simply far more likely Chaldea would summon Attila the Hun considering the fame.

To add in the Extella revealed lore while retaining the concept, I simply added the idea of the dream. Altera gets three, but the first isn’t shown. What she doesn’t realize is they’re fragmented memories of brief moments in the Moon Cell. Place that idea into her head, and she thinks it’s simply a prophetic dream, and is wary of sharing it with those involved. Scaring off potential friends isn’t a good idea. 

All that remained to fix was the confrontation between her and Nero. Initially it went straight to the idea about not dressing to her form properly, but I decided to add that critical moment when Nero is just as nervous and wary of the idea this is the Altera she saved. The hesitation would only collapse into disappointment when her fears are simply confirmed, that this is Attila the Hun Altera, and not the Titan child from the true path. Still, she would be willing to keep it a secret for her comfort and simply befriend her once more. This is Nero after all.

I’ve kept the concept Roman was helping her the entire time. It flows well with Roman’s Fragment later, and it was a fun little quirk idea about “Roman helping Altera with Romans.” I felt the doctor doesn’t get enough credit for a lot of things, so I kept that as intended when it was first released. Little did I know how important he would become later as well. Geez, Roman. With all these friendly connections, you’re seriously causing heartache later down the line.

If anyone would like to read the original, I’ve made it available as a PDF download. I’m not worried of theft since my fic collection is so well known at this point. Should it be reclaimed elsewhere, I would likely hear about it. Regardless, it’s in a rather mediocre state compared to the new and improved upgrade. 4,000 additional words and proper grammar checks is nothing to scoff at.

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