Fragment 22 Insight

A Gilles fragment? Damn you Gacha!

An unusual choice for a return to Fragments, but Gilles serves as a relatively good transition. His duality of mind as a saber is a very interesting facet to work with. I understand some people are pretty off-put by him considering he’s the gacha spook, but I am proving my point in giving all servants a spotlight in some regard. Love him or hate him, he is a very interesting servant with a unique background.

That said, his appearance is also in preparation for something later, as with all my usual placements. I’ll let you theorize about that.

But, of course, TGL has given way too much in the form of drama/angst/hurt/comfort. So it had to be balanced, and so this fragment was a partial experiment in genre balance. 

You have Gilles struggling to maintain his sanity, yet you also had Chaldea in the background with its own version of insanity. It was a mix of drama and comedy in equal parts. So while he was struggling to keep his whispers down, Chaldea’s environment would step in and help him in the most… unusual of ways. 

I believe it fit fairly well together and helps remind everyone that we’re back from the singularity and ready to deal with the absurdities of trying to get countless servants to live together in relative harmony… until Astolfo starts a food fight by accident.

At the very least, Marie is likely to have a new employee, and Gilles is going to get exactly what he needs to help keep the damning whispers down. 

Poor Gabrielle can’t seem to catch a break this fragment, but at least she gets an A for effort… or a B from Ozymandias. What could that favor possibly be that he called in from TGL?

Final note, the number of allied servants who appeared in TGL showed up in this fragment as a final closure of sorts. Only one not really seen was Arash, but I wanted this to be less about them and more about Gilles’ first look into his new working environment.

We return to the weekly update schedule, so the next fragment will be released in a week as usual. As a small teaser, the next featured servant is a male five star.

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