Fragment 6 (Post-Upgrade) Insight

The fragment introduces the altitude difference I recently placed.

Since it was already practically focused on Beowulf, I simply placed more background material before, and in between, caster training sessions. He seemed a little too antagonistic before, but this was simply due to his rather destructive and forward nature. I simply translated that into a training style, since the jump to being a gruff, drill sergeant style instructor would make sense. They are in a war, and he’s simply reminding them to take it seriously or complacency can get people killed. He learned that the hard way at the loss of his most trusted warrior in the past life.

I put a little more light onto his friendship with Nightingale. It provided an interesting dynamic considering his training style would be likely to cause serious injuries, and the female berserker would definitely not appreciate it. I tweaked her usual, almost bloodlust style need to fix an injury at the very end to show she does have a bit of control over it. Namely, in being a little more forceful on Beowulf as karma and taking a very tiny amount of enjoyment out of it.

This fragment was originally decided after glancing over Rin fighting Medea again, as well as the introduction of Sanzang to Grand Order. Her absurdly bombastic noble phantasm matched with Beowulf’s very well, so I knew there had to be some sort of way to get them to duke it out. I also took note of parameters, and Beowulf’s lack of agility/finesse as shown in the America Chapter. Pretty much, Sanzang was free to dance around the slower berserker, but her attacks would not deal as much damage.

Sanzang’s enthusiastic personality was tweaked a little here to be more apparent. I also made her interesting personality traits, like complaining about temperature and getting overexcited, a little more obvious. 

There’s not much to really say about this fragment since it’s very straightforward. A few extra teases for later added to bring in line with my current writing style, but otherwise it’s practically the same as before. 

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