Fragment 1 (Post-Upgrade) Insight

It was technically Jeanne’s fragment to begin with, but it felt very lacking compared to my new standard of writing. This now sets the precedent for the other upgrades the early Fragments will receive.

The original was pretty much Jeanne getting to sing without any substantial background basis. Yes, she sung the hymns with Saint George to cleanse Siegfried in the French singularity, but that was it. So I decided to bolster it further by having Laeticia be a rather good singer herself. Also allowed me to create a nice new flashback scene where the driver is more inspired by Jeanne’s voice rather than just her conviction and abilities.

Generally an easy fill in for the beginning fragment: Not too many feels, and just the proper amount of surprise. Jeanne’s looking to tone down her seriousness a bit, and her friends are willing to help her with that. The singing also makes it easier to break the ice and find something fun she could do as a hobby. Very straight forward without complex themes to allow the new reader to jump in rather easily after the prologue.

In addition to showing Marie hanging around with Jeanne more, as well as the extent of their established friendship, I also introduced the start of her relations to Arturia and her friends. It was left out before, but the revision let me properly place the teases like I do in later fragments. There are also now significantly more name drops so other servants’ presences are shown. Chaldea doesn’t seem so void anymore.

Quantum Pieces are introduced, though not thoroughly explained. There are also name drops for Memorial Essences and Craft Coins, which will be explained at later times as well. This is on purpose so the beginning doesn’t drag on harder than it needs to. We’re all Fate fans, so I know how annoying listening to world points can get at times. I at least try to blend them in and make them interesting to learn about.

Last note to my French readers: You’re not alone in your slight irritation of calling “Le Chevalier d’Eon” just “d’Eon”. Grammatically it’s wrong, but Fate doesn’t use his real name of Charles… so it makes quite a quandary especially considering Sanson’s first name is Charles. I’ll just be using d’Eon, and it will remain as much of a small irk.

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