Fragment 89 Insight

This is the first new insight posted to the Fragments of Chaldea homepage, mostly because Artemis’ final ascension art would’ve likely been smacked by the tumblr bot.

Wonky NSFW bots aside, we’ve arrived at another dual servant. As shown with Jekyll and Hyde, both play a part in the fragment, but one takes the spotlight. This means I can feasibly use them again if I focused on Orion next time, but with the growing number of servants, it might be put off until later. Working with my personally-limited one time spotlight rule can be quite the jigsaw puzzle, so it pays to have extra pieces.

So Artemis takes the reins for this one, and pursues a mission gods and goddesses are well known for: Watching and judging others. In this case, it’s because of Achilles’ growing success with winning over Atalanta. The goddess isn’t about to let her devotee do that without her own permission, bringing about a callback to how the Greek pantheon often threw their own say and hand to spin fate as they pleased. Some things just don’t change.

It also allowed me to portray the relationship between the two in more interesting lights. Orion’s not always looking to flirt with other women, but he still does. Artemis isn’t always an airhead, but she still is. I simply painted the lesser known sides of them to give them depth through various scenarios and situations like the tense air being near Lobo or the comical attempt to hide herself when having dinner with Chiron.

Artemis is an extremely bubbly goddess, so that left the gates open for many friendships to show. That aid, time is limited, and the plot-like theme demanded focus. So I was forced to only infer some of her other friendships she usually has in favor of the ones that will matter for pushing Achilles’ subplot further. Though there was a pretty heavy focus on Achilles’ development and depth as well, it worked out fine because Artemis’ reactions and planning showcased her own thoughts and beliefs just as profoundly. Win, win.

So by the end of it, the reader should be leaving feeling satisfied from a very straightforward fragment with little twists and spins. It was my intention to sneak this one out by Christmas since it would fit the feel good mood pleasantly. Merry Christmas, and happy holidays everyone! I’ll return in the new year with something a little more laidback.

Teaser: Even if she had mad enhancement, her reasoning was absolute. Her thoughts were still crystal clear, but the compulsions were worse. It was truly troubling at times, but Chaldea was so accepting. They always welcomed her, and her beautiful children treat her so well. It gave her so much time to think, but she often got lost in those brooding thoughts and headaches. If only she could finally grasp what she’d often only dreamed about.

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