Fragment 26 Insight

I wasn’t kidding when I said it involved a saint and religion, nor did I lie when I said Alters wouldn’t get summoned to Chaldea due to being duplicates. It’s all in the wording, and Jeanne Alter just happened to be the loophole among her darkened counterparts. So for those who were waiting to see her, I hope you’re content: She gets a permanent spot in Chaldea.

She’s a huge fan favorite, so I endeavored to write her correctly, which was difficult. The alter puts up quite a visual and verbal front, but deep down she wants acceptance and has major insecurities involving the real holy maiden. Thanks to the Da Vinci Counterfeit event, which as mentioned, did happen off screen of Fragments, significant leaps have been made to establish her willingness to be a part of this place. Too bad there’s so much prejudice since she just happened to lead a dragon army across France.

So what better person to offer a helping hand than a fellow avenger? Besides feeling comfortable in each other’s auras of vengeance, the refined Dantes could easily be a helper thanks to his own experiences. He certainly does a lot to smooth things over for her transition, and I tried to make it apparent it was both by good will and as repayment of sorts for what the two berserkers did for him. It only makes sense he would try to get her into their little group.

I made sure their fragments stood out very differently. The Dantes fragment is easily the most popular in the series from what I’ve gathered from all comments sent my way, and I didn’t want Jeanne Alter’s to be a carbon copy. Whereas his was a story of finding self-liberation after denying himself and others, her’s is a tale of finding acceptance past prejudice. I made sure she didn’t change as drastically too, since she’s still very new and most of the development was done thanks to Da Vinci’s singularity.

And through all the shenanigans, including Beowulf’s failed attempt to start a food fight, it worked. I figured food fights were getting old, so I made it very one sided and opted for a snowball fight instead. They live in the snowy mountains and no one had started a snowball fight on screen yet, so I knew it needed to be fixed.

Through various interactions, she gains valuable outlooks on gods and goddesses. Even with her revealing encounter with Ishtar, and the defensive stance from Tamamo, the Gorgon sisters had yet to make a proper appearance. Don’t worry, I got something specific planned for them coming up.

The ending can be seen as very quick and sudden turn around of opinions, but there’s quite a few things to consider on why I made that decision. FGO Materials did reveal Jeanne considered her alter like a little sister. It’s also been months since their last encounter, and Jeanne Alter has had quite the surprise development thanks to Da Vinci’s counterfeit problem. Taking the holy maiden’s experience with dealing with a more openly troublesome avenger a few months back, I can easily see her managing against her scowling counterpart rather cordially, especially with that opinion of her’s. 

But as stated, even with all that, it was way too sudden to state “You’re sisters now.” That’s just not believable, at all, regardless of how potentially open Jeanne is about it… but I have a fix for that in addition to the passage of time.

Next Fragment, Paracelsus appears again, as does the ever bubbly Astolfo. What could possibly happen with those two involved? …a lot. We’ve been in dire need of something extra sugary and upbeat with the past three (even with their comedic moments), and the next one answers all of that in one big bang!

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