Fragment 23 Insight

If you couldn’t guess, I kinda got the idea from the movie with the same name. Kinda.

Ozymandias is an interesting character to work with, especially after receiving a Memorial Essence from Camelot. So I tried to find an interesting way to figure out how the greatest pharaoh could possibly come down a few pegs, since he has a much higher chance of doing so than Gilgamesh. Then it clicked. What better way to make him better than by enticing him to become better through rivalry?

“You don’t wanna be seen like Gilgamesh, do you?”

And so it began, Ozymandias’ adventure to try and be more respectful to his peers. I included a lot of internal questioning since he is not a stupid servant by far. His pride will make him worry that he’s tarnishing the title, but at the same time he’s able to see the possibilities of what can come out of it. With every little conversation he’s finally allowed himself to have with others, he gets that little bit of motivation to continue forward. It just keeps snowballing.

 And then there’s the classic Hans being Hans. Sharp as ever and ready to tear apart someone’s character simply for existing, or in this case, irritating him in some way. But I wanted his talk to work differently this time. Ozymandias almost lets his pride get the better of him, then he realizes this is just an obstacle. As conceited as his answer still was, it was already a remarkable change from what it would have been before. Baby steps are key.

And then there’s the new arrival to the squadron of prideful Egyptian rulers.

Cleopatra was a lot of fun to write. She takes after the other two pharaohs with the typical superiority complex, but she’s also a fashion diva as revealed in her lines. So I ran with it. Chaldea already had a few individuals interested in trends (Nero as an example), but there was no one who really embodied the spirit of a Fashionista. Thank you Cleopatra for having the possibility to be exactly that. 

It also served as a nice little hole in her armor of conceit, where she doesn’t believe she would dare try what Ozymandias is doing… until Astolfo comes over in an outfit she absolutely must have for herself. You’re on the ball, Rider of Black, whether you realize it or not.

See you next fragment, where we follow a servant who truly deserves a spotlight!

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