Fragment 27 Insight

And suddenly lilies everywhere.

I considered giving all of them their own personal fragments with spotlights back in November, but the idea to make Christmas for the children pushed for this one over any. They’re all temporary, with some lasting longer than others, but it should be enough of a gift for the rest of Chaldea. Some will get a bit of extra spotlight, while others not so much. If you read properly, at least you know Waver will return to himself the fastest because, well, he’s not actually a lily. Poor Emiya is another story for protecting Arturia.

Quick note, Shirou is obviously not a servant, but since he was technically Emiya’s “lily”, I decided to fudge the line on this one.It’s also a slight tip of the hat just in case a god possesses Shirou’s body and we wind up getting another Ishtar/Rin-style summon where the deity is in control. That said, like the others, it’s only temporary. 

The real focus lead, even if the new child servants tend to steal the spotlight, is Martha. Older sister type gets to check up with all the younger servants, and she definitely likes what she winds up observing.

I felt Jeanne and Martha’s friendship behind closed doors would be interesting. With all of Jeanne’s opening up, and Martha’s subdued self, I knew they could have an interesting dynamic when almost no one else is looking. Poor Amakusa just has to deal with it, though perhaps he sees it as a sort of penance. Maybe, maybe not.

I didn’t put too much dynamic development into Martha as I did a lot of recent servants because she’s a long time resident. She’s already found her niche, and instead of showing adaptation, it’s more of showing the vigilance she has to keep to prevent her more “un-saintly” self from surfacing due to Chaldea’s relaxed atmosphere. There are some hints that she’s considering not hiding it anymore, but like some things, those are just tiny teases that leave the “will they?” question in your heads.

Medusa’s opinions are pretty well known, but her Lancer version’s bond card really drives the point home about her feelings about being like her sister. It’s also a small tie over until Euryale and Stheno get a real spotlight, and that’s definitely already in the works.

Medea and Joan are going to have one hell of a headache after this. Even worse because there will be pictures they can no longer deny. Iskander probably won’t even bat an eyelash at his smaller self.

I’ve been trying to give more servants side appearances as small tie overs, but some of you are going the extra mile and actually figuring some carefully laid bricks out. Good on you guys; Some things are definitely in there for a reason, even if they don’t apply directly to the current fragment. My longest readers probably know how I operate by now, so it’s to be expected.

I’m not even going to make next week’s hint vague, since it should be obvious by this fragment’s image: Jeanne Alter Lily dons her Santa attire.

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